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The Realities of Being a Parent to a Christmas Baby

by Bump, Baby & You

Happy Birthmas to all the Christmas Babies!

Do you have a Christmas baby, or are you one yourself? Then you’ll be able to relate to this! Being a parent (or being) to a Christmas baby definitely gets a very mixed review, for many reasons. We’ve asked the parents in our Facebook community to give us an insight on what the realities are of being a parent to a Christmas baby, and what they love & loathe about it – the responses we got were amazing. This could also help our followers who are trying to conceive and are unsure whether to try for a Christmas baby or not…

The Cons…

  • Being given joint birthday & Christmas gifts, or having to explain to a child why they’ve only had one present for both occasions whereas their siblings get two gifts.
  • Birthdays being forgotten because of Christmas – this is one that really annoys our mummies & daddies!
  • Being in hospital over Christmas giving birth… I mean, having a baby truly is one of the most life changing and amazing experiences of our lives, but being stuck on a drab ward with hospital food is a bit blah over Christmas.

The Pros…

  • Being spoilt twice in one small period (if you’re fortunate enough to not be given one present for both!) is amazing!
  • Christmas becomes twice as special because there’s two special occasions going on!
  • Birthdays are more magical with the festivities going on at the same time – you get all the sparkly decorations, flashing lights and merriment at the same time.

We asked the mummies and daddies in our Facebook community to share with us their realities of having or being a Christmas baby…

Louise-Patricia Dalby: My brother is Boxing Day and we have been brought up that his birthday is separate and should be treated so means no joint presents the works

Nicole McCormick: My father in laws birthday is on Christmas Day we call it Mickmas
Helen- Marie Mitchell: My eldest two are the 23rd of December and people combine giving their presents all on the same day so it’s not special bugs me xx
Danielle Gregory: I absolutely hate when people give my daughter a joint Birthday and Christmas present! My daughter was born 12 days before Christmas as well🙄 She was due on the 21st of December
Amber Taylor: My son was born 28/12. It’s his first birthday this December. He should of been 4/1/18. But he was measuring too big on a scan. So planned section. Here he is at his Christmas photo shoot. I have already said Xmas decs will be down on the 27th ready for his birthday. Not having the 2 connected x

Jade Webb: My little boy will be 1 on Christmas Eve (Induced due to reduced movements, due 8/01) and I feel so anxious already! I don’t want him to feel overwhelmed, I don’t want people to be giving him a present for both Christmas and birthday or all wrapped in I want him to be treated the same as if his birthday was the middle of the year. We’ve had so much pressure in giving him a birthday halfway through the year but it’s something we’ve chosen not to do for now, it will be his choice when he’s old enough to make it. I will be keeping Christmas Eve to just birthday celebrations and nothing more. I’ve attached a picture of last Christmas and him now. I feel so lucky to have a Christmas Eve baby, it was such a special time, I just feel sorry for him when he’s older and how he will be with having two special occasions so close together x

Jenna Armstrong: Having my son’s birthday so close to Christmas is shit. The end.😁
Sara Jayne: My step son’s birthday is the 23rd of December but we throw him a summer party and he has all his presents in July, that way all of his friends can come to his parties and it doesn’t get over shadowed by Christmas. We still celebrate his actual birthday by going to the cinema or bowling. We gave him the choice last year of carrying on with his summer parties or celebrating it on his actual birthday but he really enjoys doing it halfway through the year xx
Tori Georgina Hannah Foote: My son was born Christmas Day 2017 so don’t know what I’m going to do xx
Nicola Jane Sommerville: My birthday is on Christmas Day. I don’t like it that much, you don’t have anything else to look forward too during the rest of the year. I have had birthday cards with merry Christmas wrote in them. Although it was quite funny when I was born apparently, my nan came up to the hospital with my older brother, walked on to the ward singing congratulations thinking my mum would be the only one on the ward.
Alicia Reed: My sons is on the 11th dec mine on the 19th then xmas not long after 😮😂 my purse is feeling this year being my lbs 1st and my 21st birthday and its annoying having to wait all year for both then its gone in a week
Becky Burton: My brothers birthday is December 17th (he was due January 1st) and growing up my mum insisted it should be celebrated separately to Xmas but as he’s gotten older (28 this year) his friends either combine the two or celebrate his birthday with him but forget Xmas. My aunt used to buy him a voucher for his birthday and Christmas combined once he became a teenager and it really drove my mum mad. My aunts birthday is January 4th 🤷🏻‍♀️.
Katey Bower: My little boy was due Xmas day, but luckily held on so I could enjoy my Christmas Dinner and was born on boxing day. I always make sure he has separate presents for Xmas and birthday, and so far everyone else has treated them as separate days too. I dash around like a mad thing removing everything Christmassy on Christmas day night so he knows they’re separate occasions. He will be 3 this year, and last year he had a joint party with one of his friends in January, but this year I’m not going to worry. As he gets older I think we’ll do a party in the summer, and buy him a few presents then 🙂 I find that because I feel guilty that he has a shit birthday, I buy him a lot through the year to make up for it 😂 so this year I’ve not bought him much for Xmas and birthday at all x
Amanda Isaacs: My youngest was born Xmas eve wasn’t spost to have her till new years eve but she came early bless it was lovely though was the only one on ward and the midwife’s went out there way Xmas morning and left us some gifts at the bottom of the bed it’s a nightmare now though nowing wat to get her for both days think she don’t care though lol shel be 5 this time roundxx Also we named her mary-grace cause of when she was born.
My Xmas Eve baby 2013…
Jess Barrowman: Me and both kids are December babies my son is the 20th and my daughter is the 24th, this will be my first Christmas out of hospital the only thing I don’t really like is they have to wait a whole year for presents again where if they had a birthday in the middle of the year it’s only 6 months

Picture of my two

Jade Redshaw: My son will be 5 on Xmas day, luckily my family are great with treating the 2 very separately 🙂
Jodi Postlethwaite: My son’s birthday is Christmas Eve. It was so sweet to have this tiny newborn at Christmas 😍❄️ I always invite family over for a little tea party and there’s a strict no Christmas pressies, no Christmas jumpers, no joint presents rule! Then because he’d only get presents in Winter I also introduced “summer presents” for my children and my husband and I. So everyone gets something but the idea behind it is my son will get something twice a year like the rest of us. Also, nobody buys outdoor toys or clothes in the winter so it’s our chance to get him something summery.
Stephanie Leanne Keen: My little boy, Lucas- James was born Christmas Eve, he was actually due on the 8th of December but after 2 failed sweeps, no end of walking, eating curries, pineapples etc he still wouldn’t budge. I was induced on the 22nd and finally was taken down to delivery at 2.30pm on the 23rd where I was in labour for 12 hours- arriving at 3.07am on Christmas Eve. Thankfully I was out by 8pm so home for Christmas! I love having his birthday on Xmas eve, it’s hard with others having an opinion that it’s too awkward being next to Christmas Day but we don’t care at all. We have been told to have a birthday half way through the year for him but I don’t think this is fair at all, so we just make it extra special for him. He’s 2 this year, he already loves watching Christmas films with me, the way we see it is that he gets spoilt twice in two days! Makes him more special in my eyes! 💙

Louise Stephanie: My birthday is the 17th December – so 8 days before. I don’t mind so much, I absolutely love Christmas so just means I can spend my birthday doing Christmassy things! Not that I celebrate much now anyways. I’m 25 and don’t really receive presents from family members anymore and my son is 3 (single parent) so it’s kinda like any other day!  My sister was born on Christmas Day and I feel like she just doesn’t have a birthday now she has kids. Christmas is all about Santa! That said her fiancé and kids always buy her lovely birthday presents and she often gets a birthday cake 🙂

Sue Kelly: My son was due on NYE 2016, arrived 4 weeks early on 6th December. I try to make sure we don’t do Christmas in our house until he’s had his birthday. We keep the two very separate to keep his birthday special. X
Charlie Tyler: my sons a christmas eve baby (2016), i was due in jan. induced early,resulting in a c section. it took years to fall with him finally with treatment, he was the best gift ever!!
Tessa Parker: Our daughters is 11th of January I did always like that the things we couldn’t get for xmas where always back in stock for birthday.

Are you a Christmas baby or a parent to one? Share your experiences with us in the comments! Love from Katie. Xx


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