How to maintain your electrical appliances?

If you have ever had to pay to repair a washing machine you would want to know how best to avoid the situation if you can. A lot of these problems/faults can result from incorrect usage. So let’s talk about how you could maintain some electrical appliances and devices and keep them in good shape!

How to maintain and clean a washing machine

The basics are the same but the some details will depend of course on the model you are using so please make sure you check the manual or manufacturer’s website. Before you remove or clean parts, make sure the washing machine is turned off/unplugged.

  • Run a maintenance empty wash every few weeks or months. These are important if you are noticing a delay in emptying or a blockage in draining. This problem can be caused by accumulation of soup scum in the machine. A lot of machines will have a specific maintenance program. For example, on most Electrolux machines, it is called Tub Clean Program.
  • Remove and clean the inlet and drain dump filters regularly.
  • Clean the drawer. The drawer where you put the detergent and softener can get clogged up. Do not just try to do it with a towel while it is in place. See your model instructions to remove the drawer and thoroughly clean it.
  • If you are starting to notice an unusual smell, it is time to clean the drum.
  • Do not overload your washing machine.


What about the dishwasher?

This is similar to the washing machine. There is a filter that you will also need to clean. It is usually located at the bottom.  You can use a cleaning powder specially designed for this, some people however say you can use vinegar and lemon but I have not tried it. Check out this video for some nice tips.

photo of steam iron
Photo by on Pexels

How to maintain your iron

Unfortunately, we spend a long time ironing our clothes every week. I am pleased with my choices of irons over the year, though! Each of my irons lasted many years and I even have one -very old one- that lasted 25 years! But as there are new irons, basic maintenance becomes important.

  • If you have a steam iron, make sure you use the best water for your steam iron. This is important if you live in a hard water area.
  • Regularly descale your iron.
  • Never use a hard or sharp object to clean the insole part of your steam iron or steamer.
  • Always use a good ironing board or safe surface to avoid dropping your iron.
  • Check the cord for damage.


I hope you find those tips helpful. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.