Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

It’s been 2 years now since I returned to work after having Mason.

I’ve recently spoke to a lot of mothers who’s maternity leave is nearly over and they’re having so many thoughts and emotions about returning to work. Whether you choose to stay at home or return to work you’ve got to make the choice that’s right for you and your family. Trust me neither is easier or harder than the other! There are pros and cons to both but as a working mother I can sympathise with those who have concerns about going back to work. I’m hoping my advice and own experience can help ease the anxiety that some readers might be experiencing.

The Guilt

Firstly there’s the guilt of returning to work. You’ve just spent 9 months,(give or take), with your baby. Your whole routine has changed. Your used rocking the messy bun look, no make up and lounging in your pjs until after lunch. Now you’ve got to get yourself organised and into more of a routine to fit around work hours. A part of you feels a little sad that you might miss your babies first word or their first steps. They might favour a nursery worker over you or they might have a hard time settling into nursery and their new routine. You feel bad that if your baby cries or gets upset you won’t be there to comfort them. The thought of returning can be so overwhelming. I’ve had times when I’ve felt like I should have been a SAHM forever but it just wasn’t am option for us.

The Adult Conversation

The best part or returning to work by far is the adult conversation and interaction. Work friends are the thing I missed the most. It’s nice to socialise and talk about something other than weaning, baby poo and CBeebies. I think its good to do something for yourself. It’s also the little things like you get to use the toilet in peace, you get to have a snack without having the share it with a little person hanging off your leg and you get a designated break. Obviously it depends on your occupation but it’s actually a break for me and less hard work than looking after a child full time. I love the balance between my days with Mason and the days I work.

Being a Role Model

I feel like going out to work and following my career choice is setting a good example to my son. I also work to help pay his pre school fees because pre school is great for him. He’s thriving and learning so much from his mornings there and gaining vital social skills. I hope when he’s older he will appreciate this and know my decision to work was in the best interests of us all. I also think it makes our days off together more special and we appreciate our time together more.

Try not to let the fear of returning to work stress you out too much. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy being back. I speak to more parents who love being back at work than those who don’t. Practice a morning routine a few times before your return and adjust slowly by doing KIT days if possible. You’re allowed 10 keeping in touch days which I found very useful upon my return.