Under The Sea Sun Catchers

Christmas is well and truly over now; we took our decorations down at the end of December (we usually wait until January, but pulling the Christmas tree over had become a fun game for our 19 month old!)

Due to this, our windows in the playroom needed an update.  This time we’ve decided to theme our playroom as ‘under the sea’.  We’ve created a range of fish, dolphins, starfish and turtles.

Here is what you’ll need;

  • Black card,
  • Tissue paper,
  • Glue,
  • White pencil,
  • Scissors,
  • Cellophane.

How to make them;

  1. Using the black card, create your desired aquatic outline, and cut out.
  2. Using scissors (or a cutting knife for more precision); draw and cut out a ½ inch internal border.
  3. Place glue evenly on one side of the silhouette .
  4. Firmly press the glued silhouette down onto the cellophane (for extra security staple in place), and cut off the excess.
  5. Cover the back side of cellophane with glue.
  6. Place the tissue paper over the cellophane in your chosen pattern/design.
  7. Allow time to dry,
  8. Stick up and enjoy.

Here is what we created for our windows;












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