Our 2019 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is one of our favourite days of the year!

I mean, who doesn’t love a day dedicated to romance? Obviously it goes without saying that you should express love and devotion on every other day of the year, but Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to push the boat out and do so something extra special for your loved one, from you and from even the kids!

We asked the mummies in our community group what they’d absolutely love to be unwrapping this Valentines Day; a very popular wish was a handmade item. Out of all the parents who voted, over half told us they’d love a hand crafted gift from their kids. Check out our guest blog post on making handmade footprint cards here, this could be an excellent handmade gift and tailor made to be Valentines Day themed. Other popular options were…

For her:

  • Jewellery
  • Things for the house
  • Perfume
  • Mini Me clothing

For him:

  • Technology/gadgets
  • Aftershave
  • Novelty/unusual items

With all these wishes and wants in mind, we set out to put together this guide on finding the perfect gift for your loved on this Valentines Day, using the inspiration of our parenting community to get a really good insight in picking the best of the best.


Jewellery can be a difficult gifting option; people have such varying tastes and styles, so it’s really easy to miss the mark and get something your loved one may not like or it may not suit their style. This is why simplicity is key! We adore these simple, discreet yet very beautiful bracelets from Molly & Izzie. They come with a poignant message too, adding extra sentimental value and meaning to the gift.

1: A little wish for my boyfriend: you can find this here*.

2: Be My Valentine: you can find this here*.

3: Happy Wife, Happy Life: you can find this here*.

And something to store jewellery gifts…

This Pandora jewellery box is proving a popular complement to jewellery gifts – it’s practical, as let’s face it, it’s too easy to lose delicate jewellery! You can find this at John Greed here*.

Things For The House

Lush decor and furnishings are another popular wish with the parents in our groups. This may not sound necessarily romantic, but when you think about it, creating the perfect family home for your romance & babies to flourish in is actually pretty savvy, so why not treat your lover to something that they covet for your home?

1: Moments Multi Photo Frame: this shabby chic style of photo frame is very en vogue at the moment and would look beautiful taking pride of place on the lounge or bedroom wall. You could even print out and pin your favourite romantic moments as a couple, and most loved moments as a family, to make this extra special. Find this at Dunelm here*.

2: Personalised Pet ‘Bed Hogger’ Pillowcases – do you and your love have fur babies who rule the roost? Or even kids who insist on climbing in with you? This tongue in cheek personalised set is bound to elicit giggles and smiles in bucketloads this Valentines Day! Find it here* at Qwerkity.

3: Thanks For Putting Up With Me Candle – you can never go far wrong with a scented candle, especially if it has a sentimental message attached. This one is available in loads of different scents; my favourite is Sweet Pea, so I’m hankering for this myself. You can find it at Etsy here*.

Mini Me Clothing

Stuck for ideas on what to get, but want something heartfelt & sweet? We absolutely adore this mama & mini be heart pyjamas set from Matalan.

You can find these mama & mini me pyjamas at Matalan*!


Key To My Heart Matching T-Shirts…

What about this twinning slogan T-Shirt setfrom Etsy? They’re so adorable and would be perfect for candid Valentines photographs for your memory box. They have excellent reviews too! View them here*.


Tech & Gadgets

If your loved one is hankering after something high tech, there are plenty of options for you to treat them. Gadgets are a good choice in that they are often both practical (therefore your loved one will get a lot of use out of their gift, which is always great) and fun. Voice controlled smart speakers are very popular at the moment, particularly the Amazon Dot. My dad bought one for my mum for Christmas and she loves it! It’s relatively low cost, uses Alexa voice recognition, and is useful for very busy parents who can’t even make a phonecall without a toddler trying to rip the phone from their hands like me… (hint hint, husband dearest!).

Smart watches have been a really popular choice for a few years now. My husband was gifted one from me last Valentines Day and he uses his every single day, which makes me happy knowing how much he appreciates it. As time has gone on, smart watches have become more and more stylish too – they’re becoming less chunky, more sleek and this Garmin smart watch even incorporates the very trendy rose gold in it’s face too!

In love with a voracious reader, but running out of space for books? A kindle is a really smart Valentines Day gift. This Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes with 8GB of memory, so plenty of space for reading material, and currently has £20 off. It’s also waterproof… handy if you have clumsy kids running around!

1: Amazon Echo Dot – you can see this here*.

2: Garmin Vivomove Smartwatch – you can see this here*.

3: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – you can see this here*.

Does your loved one love taking photos? Check this out…

If your soulmate is a bit of a photography hobbyist and loves to print out photographs for albums, this KiiPix Smartphone Printer is such a wonderful idea for a Valentines Day gift! It’s also very reasonably priced at £40. No batteries or wires required, fully portable… what’s not to love? You can find it at Boots here*.

Unusual Gifts

If your loved one likes unusual gifts with a bit of a novelty factor, or you’re just on the lookout for something a tad different, you are spoiled for choice! We’ve picked our favourite three unusual Valentines Day gifts here as we think you’ll love what we’ve found.

Sparkle Drops

Sparkle Drops are naturally flavoured ‘drinks confetti’ drops that add flavour and coloured shimmer to drinks. If your loved one likes a drinkypoo, they’re sure to impress their friends with these drops at parties & other social events. Imagine all the delicious and glamorous looking cocktails that can be made! You can find these here*.

Other sweet ideas…

We adore these personalised date cards; they come with 52 quirky, romantic and fun date ideas, one for every week of the year. These are great as you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make use of them either, the ideas are all reasonable and don’t require extravagant spending. They are also a great way to make beautiful memories in your relationship, and would be nice for a memory box to show your babies in future. You can find them here*!

Another gorgeous Valentines Day gift idea we’ve found are personalised Valentines Day books from ‘the book of everyone’. You can create a heartfelt & nostalgic gift tailor made to your soulmate, something they’ll always cherish. You can make one here*!

Perfume & Aftershave

Perfume and aftershave is a classic choice for a Valentines Day gift, and we can see why! What better than a signature fragrance from your soulmate? Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau De Toilette and Daisy by Marc Jacobs are some of the top choices for Valentines Day fragrances, and they both smell absolutely gorgeous too.

You can find the Ralph Lauren Blue Eau De Toilette at Boots here*.

You can find the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume here*.


What are you treating your loved ones to this Valentines day? Tell us in the comments!

Love from the cherubs over at Team BBY! Xx