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The Best Jeans For LOVING Your Mum Bod

by Bump, Baby & You

Having a baby can really change your body shape, and your own body image.

Of course, such a big change can really knock your confidence. You’ve just grown a brand new human being for 9 months, and as well as all the changes in your life going on around you, you have a new figure greeting you in the mirror. It can all be very overwhelming.

Here at Bump, Baby & You, we promote self love, and loving your ‘mum bod’ no matter what. There is too much pressure on new mummies to ‘snap back’, instead of enjoying their new baby and seeing their new curves as a reminder of what they’ve achieved. It can also be tremendously difficult for new mothers to find clothes that make them feel like a ‘Yummy Mummy’! Dressing nicely can make you FEEL as amazing as you look – and we firmly believe that mummies of all sizes can benefit from a really good staple wardrobe item that makes them feel fantastic. A really great example of a must have wardrobe staple is a high quality, flattering pair of jeans – you can dress them up, dress them down, and do the school run in them!

This is why we are in LOVE with Topshop’s new denim range!

Launched on the 7th of February, the new range of four new fits is designed with different body shapes in mind! It goes up to a size 18, so it covers a broad spectrum of mummy figures, and aims to make as many women as possible feel confident and fabulous in their high quality denim. The beauty of the new styles is that they’re super easy to dress up, dress down, or chuck on to run around with the kids in! The new fits are called;

Check out Topshop’s promotional video showcasing their new range!

Let’s take a look at each new fit… 

The Balloon Boyfriend

I can totally picture myself in these with a pair of espadrilles or converse on, and a casual knit or cotton shirt this spring. The Balloon Boyfriend is cool and casual but still chic, so you can feel stylish, confident but still comfortable and at ease doing your normal daily routine. These would suit most body shapes, and would be particularly flattering on mummies who’re self conscious about their thighs.

You can see these at Topshop here*!


The Dad

Of all four styles, these would really flatter most figures. The loose fit and mid rise waist mean that these are comfortable, relaxed and flattering on areas many mummies feel self conscious about (tummies, hips and thighs) whilst still being very edgy with the black wash and rip. Topshop intended these to be an update on ‘boyfriend jeans’ and they’ve definitely hit the mark here! I’d wear this with a hoodie and trainers on a casual day, or with a pair of Dr Martens, a detailed blouse or tee, some chunky jewellery and statement red lips for going out and about.

You can see them at Topshop here*!

The Slim Wide

The Sim Wide (seen below in mid stone) evokes retro vibes! We like the high waist too – ladies who feel a little unsure about their mum tum or wanting to highlight their waist should try these on. These look fantastic with a simple tee and boots, or even a simple pair of pumps. Planning a date night? You could pair The Slim Wide with a patterned retro blouse and a pair of tan heels – simple, comfortable but glam. These would flatter curvaceous ladies as they highlight wonderful waists and curvaceous hips, and they’d also suit mummies who don’t really have much of a waist by creating the illusion of a waist – perfect.

You can see them at Topshop here*!

The Editor

I’m loving these high rise, straight leg jeans. As with the other styles, these are excellent for dressing up with a beautiful floral blouse (I’d pair these with a soft pastel silk blouse) and heels, or dressing down with a simple tee, a knitted jumper, and a pair of good winter boots for snowy weather. I’d say that this style is less for curvy mummies, and more for mummies who have a ‘rectangular’ body shape.

You can see these at Topshop here*!


Expecting a Bundle of Joy? Well, we have some good news…

Topshop also offers a brilliant range of maternity jeans, to make you feel more like the fabulous pregnant Goddess that you truly are! A good quality pair of jeans when pregnant is essential, because as your bump grows, the fabric will be put under more strain – stitching and fabric quality needs to be top notch to support your bump and keep your jeans in good nick, which is why Topshop is so popular; they really are pros at making jeans that all ladies can rely on.

Here are our favourite maternity jeans;

1 – Over The Bump Jamie Jeans: Some pregnant ladies prefer their jeans to go over their bump to prevent their jeans from riding low! These Jamie jeans would be perfect with some riding boots and a mustard knitted jumper. You can find them at Topshop here*!

2 –  Mom Jeans: These bleach stone wash jeans are better suited to earlier on in pregnancy, when your waistline is starting to blossom, before you sprout a spectacular bump! They look very comfortable, and are a great style choice for day to day activities. You can see them at Topshop here*!

3 – Under The Bump Joni Jeans: Feeling more comfortable with jeans that come under your gorgeous bump? Well, Topshop has you covered with their Joni jeans! The mid blue wash will match just about anything in your wardrobe, making them a versatile style choice. You can find them at Topshop here*!



Have you found your tribe? Tell us which fit is your absolute favourite in the comments below! Personally, I’m Tribe Slim Wide, as they’re the sort of fit that would accentuate my waist, hide the bits I’m self conscious about, and make me feel fantastic whether I wore them fetching Max from Nursery, or out on a date night with my husband.

Love from Katie, Team BBY & Team Topshop. Xx


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