Tips On Beating The Dreaded Post Partum Hair Loss!

Post Partum Hair Loss – Something They Rarely Mention When You’re Pregnant!

Have you found yourself clutching clumps of hair in the shower or after brushing? Had to unclog the vacuum more often since baby was born? Finding random hair everywhere? Maybe you’re looking a little sparse in the hair department… it can be really upsetting, I can totally attest to this. It was one of the few things people had failed to mention to me when I was pregnant, so I was very unprepared to see my lovely mane of thick, glossy chestnut hair thinning and becoming brittle, dull and sparse.

How I felt looking in the mirror…

What causes post partum hair loss?

Most new mummies will experience this, unfortunately. It usually occurs at around 3 months post partum, and is caused by the stage in hair growth known as ‘telogen effluvium‘ which happens after your hair exits the dormant stage it was in during your pregnancy, caused by all of your pregnancy hormones. This dormant stage, alongside the vitamins you were probably taking, can cause the beautiful, glossy bouffant that pregnant women rave about! Once you’ve given birth, and your hormones drop to normal levels ending the dormant stage, you’re most likely to experience the dreaded hair loss.

How can I encourage my hair to grow back?

Obviously this is a completely normal, biological occurrence – however, there are ways in which you can support your hair & scalp to ensure that your lovely locks grow back with a vengeance and also ensure that your locks are healthy, vibrant and glossy after becoming a mama!

  • Eat a diet rich in folate.
  • Take a multivitamin – even your prenatal vitamins, as some midwives now advise.
  • Up your protein to encourage growth.
  • Scalp massage to encourage blood flow – who doesn’t love a good Indian head massage?!
  • Use great products to boost hair growth.

(If the issue is really prominent and nothing seems to help, ask your GP to check your thyroid.)

The best products to boost your post partum ponytail (or lack thereof…);

Along side the methods we’ve mentioned above, it’s really beneficial to find hair products that suit you and your hair type, to protect your recovering hair and scalp from anything that could discourage growth, nourish your roots, repair your hair shaft, and give you a stunning gloss & bounce! This is why we adore Grow Gorgeous.

Image credit: @lottiebown

Why do we love Grow Gorgeous?

90% of women across two independent user trials found that Grow Gorgeous products made their hair look fuller – that’s an amazing achievement, and shows just how effective their products really are. Grow Gorgeous, fundamentally, caters for everyone and all hair types, which is really important – it’s no good having fine hair if a brand only sells a product for thick hair, or vice versa!

Grow Gorgeous products were ‘born from the need to help every woman fulfil her desire for fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair.’ They focus on nourishing your hair and scalp from within rather than masking issues that are causing your hair to be lacklustre and sparse.

Firstly, one of the biggest things that attracts us, and many of our mummies to Grow Gorgeous is the fact that they don’t use parabens and phthalates in their products. Why are parabens and phthalates undesirable? Well;

  • Parabens are a preservative that extends the shelf life of many cosmetic (and non cosmetic products). They’re officially approved under EU legislation, but some countries (including Denmark) have banned some types due to doubts about toxicity and the fact that parabens can irritate the eyes and skin.
  • Phthalates are a binding agent, and the CDC has called for further testing on this type of chemical. Not exactly reassuring, right? Studies over recent years have linked phthalates to asthma amongst other ailments – further testing is needed but many are choosing to avoid phthalates entirely due to the concerns.
Image credit: @lottiebown

Instead of using Parabens and Phthalates, Grow Gorgeous uses safe & scientifically minded, active ingredients such as;

  • Biotin
  • Caffiene
  • Chinese skullcap extract
  • Pea sprout extract
  • Red clover flower extract
  • Hyaluronic acid

They’ve found that these active ingredients are super effective at creating fuller, thicker and healthier hair, which is something that new mummies who’re seriously struggling with post partum hair loss will really appreciate. As your hormone levels normalise and your hair loss stops, Grow Gorgeous products will give you extra support in encouraging very healthy regrowth.

Grow Gorgeous Best sellers

Grow Gorgeous sells many fabulous hair goodies to help ladies, whether post partum or not, nourish and encourage their lovely locks. We’ve taken a look at some of their best sellers, as well as products used by our own Executive Anelia, and looked into just WHY they are so phenomenal.

Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask

Enriched with luscious coconut oil (a great source of fatty acids, which are amazing for your hair, skin and nails), ingredients such as biotin and caffeine for a glossy sheen and bouncy roots, and aimed at ladies with flat & thin hair, this thickening hair and scalp mask is the ultimate way to pamper your scalp and your locks. A 4 week study of 100 users found that this product does visibly increase hair thickness too!

You can find out more at Grow Gorgeous here*!

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox

This exfoliating pre-wash treatment is intended to remove impurities and nasties that block the roots of your hair from optimum growth, exfoliate the scalp with castor oil beads, and remove dead skin & product build up to give your hair the best possible basis for gorgeous growth.

You can see more here*!

Grow Gorgeous Intense Shampoo & Conditioner Density Duo

For use every time you wash your hair, this Grow Gorgeous duo shampoo contains amino Acids, biotin, caffeine and B-vitamins to “visibly increase density of hair, whilst advanced technology supports the follicles to promote healthy-looking locks”. The conditioner contains hyaluronic acid to boost your hair density and stimulate your hair follicles – this is perfect for new mamas who’re struggling with limp locks.

You can see more at Grow Gorgeous here*!

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum – Supersize Bottle

This is one of the best sellers at Grow Gorgeous, and for a good reason! They even had to create this supersize edition because so many women love this product. 90% of users reported that their hair looked fuller after using this for twelve weeks based on two independent trials, thanks to all of the active ingredients Grow Gorgeous uses to achieve amazing hair without any added nasties.

You can find this at Grow Gorgeous here*!

Thinning Hair Rescue Kit

This could be the perfect Baby Shower gift for any pregnant ladies you know… or a treat for yourself, perhaps? Either way, it’s clear to see why this kit is such a popular purchase from Grow Gorgeous – it comes with a travel size version of three of their best sellers, to help you hit thinning hair from all angles with a powerful regime. They come in a chic travel bag too, perfect for a mummy on the go.

You can find this at Grow Gorgeous here*!


P.S. You can get 20% off with the code GORGEOUS20 until the end of March!

So, there you have it – our guide to beating the dreaded post partum hair loss!

With patience, persistence, and the optimum hair products, you could be enjoying lustrous hair again very soon. Eat well, get plenty of nourishment, and treat your locks to a spa experience with Grow Gorgeous – you won’t regret it.

Love from Team BBY! Xx


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