Fun Easter Crafts Ideas For You & The Kids!

Arts & Crafts are a great way to spend time with the kids this Easter!

With the Easter holidays in full gear, you may be wondering how you’re going to entertain the little ones for two weeks solid without breaking the bank. The prospect of packed theme parks and soft play centres may also be pretty unappealing… arts & crafts are a fun way to engage with your kids, they’re relaxing without being boring, and they’re fab for bringing out their inner artist.

We’ve put together this guide of our favourite Easter arts & crafts activities to help our mummies & daddies make Easter extra crafty – enjoy!

‘Make Your Own’ Craft Kits

Craft kits are a really useful purchase for wannabe crafters who aren’t sure where to start or what materials they’ll need. We’ve found some incredible Easter arts and crafts kits for our mummies and daddies to enjoy with their children this Easter, from marks and cards to origami and sun catchers… There’s so much variety to choose from.

See the Make Your Own Easter Masks kit at Paperchase here*.

See the Make Your Own Easter Origami kit at Paperchase here*.

See the Paint Your Own Easter Eggs kit at Paperchase here*.

Find the Egg Decoration Set at Hobbycraft here*.

Find the Happy Easter Suncatcher Kit at Hobbycraft here*.

Find the Happy Easter Wooden Threading Kit at Hobbycraft here*.

See the Eggs and Bunnies Decoration Set at Paperchase here*.

See the Easter Card Crafting Kit at Paperchase here*.

See the Refillable Easter Egg 6 Pack at Paperchase here*.

See the 12 Pack Multi Coloured Fluffy Chick Set at John Lewis here*.

See the Easter Wide Stickers at Paperchase here*.

See the Carrot Easter Pegs at Paperchase here*.

Our Guest Blogging Community is full of wonderful creative ideas, too. Here’s our favourites…

Check out these Harry Potter Themed eggs by Sarah Ryder!

Can you guess which characters she’s made with her daughters Carys and Amber? This is a great idea for our fellow Harry Potter fanatics and can be adapted to suit your own fandom preferences.

Our Favourite Easter Arts & Crafts Tutorials…

We’ve been searching high and low for inspiration, and we weren’t disappointed with what we found – there are SO many exciting arts & crafts activities you can set up with the kids this Easter. Here are our very favourite finds, just for you.

Bunny Butt

You can see this tutorial over at Easy Peasy and Fun!

Bunny Handprint

This is SO cute and one of my favourites so far. You can find the tutorial at The Best Ideas For Kids.

Yarn Sheep

One for the older kids with great fine motor skills – this one is super creative, and you can find it at Sweet Grace.

Bunny Brooch

This could be the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to simple sewing! You can find this tutorial at Red Ted Art.

Marbled Eggs

Your children are sure to love the cool marbled effects in this arts & crafts activity idea! You can find the tutorial over at Good Housekeeping.

So there we have it, our roundup of all the fun arts & crafts activities you can enjoy with your little one this Easter. Tell us which your favourite is in the comments.

Love from Katie. Xx