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IVF Round 2 – Egg Collection

by Sarah Wilson

Afternoon All. I’m back with a little update on what happened this time round with Egg Collection.

When I had egg collection with NHS, it was such an horrendous experience as I was in so much pain, and it was the only thing that put me off going through it all again. But when we had our consultation with GCRM Belfast, they explained that this time I would be under anaesthetic and that I would not feel or remember the pain. But that I would still be able to communicate with the consultant and nurses in surgery if I needed to.

This immediately put me at ease and I remember thinking … ‘Where do I sign up?’ 😂 The morning of EC on my first round I was a complete bundle of nerves, vomiting and could hardly breathe – not knowing what to expect was probably he worst part… the nurses told me not to Google it… so I didn’t. LOL !!

This time round, WOW, what a difference. We made our way to GCRM, and we laughed and giggled the whole way up the road from Omagh – already a completely different journey to that of the first time round. When we arrived at the clinic we waited for around five minutes and then a lovely nurse called Mary brought us downstairs. She brought us to our private room and explained that I needed to get into my gown for surgery and that the consultant doing my EC, along with the anaesthetist and the embryologist would all be in to see me shortly to run over what was going to happen and to get me ready.

Already a far better experience than that with the NHS. As I got into my gown and up on the bed they took my hubby away to do his part 😉 and I waited on him coming back before they took me to surgery.

As they wheeled me down and I waved by to my hubby, I wasn’t even really that nervous. I just kept trying to breathe properly and not to stress out. I tried to stay as relaxed as possible and just let them do what they had to do and in no time it was over …. I didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t believe it. From excruciating pain in round one to absolutely nothing this time round – amazing ! And worth every bloody penny ! They said that they would count up the eggs and that the consultant and embryologist would come and see us to let us know how many we had.

As we only had 4 eggs last time round, we already knew that I was never going to get massive numbers, but they were aiming to at least double that and hope for eight or nine really good eggs. The nurse kept popping in to see if I was ok and coming round ok from the anaesthetic and brought us coffee & scones whilst we waited. She said that the fact they were still counting them must be a good sign. All I could think was … please god let this be good news. In my head I was so hoping for our best possible scenario – eight or nine eggs would be amazing. I kept thinking these numbers over and over in my head, whilst we waited on the number coming back.

Before long had passed our consultant came back – ‘We’ve got nine eggs’ he said !!!!!! WOW ! We couldn’t believe it. I could have squeezed him so tight. We were over he moon. Best possible scenario and we smashed it. This never happens to us. But it was. We were so relieved!!!!

We knew we weren’t out of the woods yet though. We would then expect a call from the embryologist the next morning to see how many had fertilised to embryos and then we would take it day by day … the waiting continues. But boy does this feel good 😊

You always expect to lose a few eggs overnight and I remember saying to hubby what number of embryos would he be happy with … we both said if we could get either four or five embryos then we would be over the moon (last time we only got 2) ! As we hoped they would be good enough to then freeze a few.

Next morning getting the call at 9am from the clinic to say we had five embryos was unbelievable. Someone was looking over us. Again we smashed our expectations and another beat case scenario for us. Next step now is that we would get a call from embryologist on Sunday – Day three, to see how the embies were doing and we would then either be going for embryo transfer that day or on Tuesday – day five ! Again day five would be best possible scenario as we only made it do day three transfer last time.

Sunday morning came and the call was more positive news…. we couldn’t believe our luck. Our dreams were coming true. All five embies were eight cells- exactly as they should be and perfect!

Now we waited until Tuesday for the next update ……

Written by Sarah for her blog, The Wandering Wilsons.

You can follow her on Instagram too!


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IVFmuma 2nd June 2019 - 10:36 pm

Wow what have I just read

As a lucky NHS funded IVF mumma all I can say no one can complain about “pain” of IVF – pain of not even having a chance at convincing outways any physical pain you experience in a NHS hospital or private. IVF is hard child birth is hard motherhood can be hard but it’s never “painful” if your on a journey to your dream!

Bump, Baby & You 4th June 2019 - 10:24 am

Sorry you feel that way – we totally see what you mean, it’s never going to be an easy journey. I think our guest blogger had a really, really bad experience the first time, so her second experience by comparison cast the first in a worse light. We hope your IVF journey is going well! <3


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