The Baby Product You Need When You Have Cracked Lips

Nipple cream! It’s a product you rarely need after those first few weeks once you and baby have mastered the art of latching to feed. So, what do you do with the remnants of this magical product? During a heatwave last year I couldn’t find any lip balm to put on my sore, cracked lips. So what did I do? You guessed it, I squeezed a bit of nip balm out of my nipple cream tube and smoothed it over my lips. The soft skin on my lips healed well and now whenever hot or cold weather takes its toll, I reach for nip cream for my lips.

I know I’m definitely not the only mum to use this ‘beauty hack’ and with my favourite nipple cream, Lasinoh, costing upwards of £5.50 a tube depending on the size, it’s easy to understand why I’m happy to have found a use that means this baby product doesn’t go to waste.

Want some extra ideas for how you could put your moisturising nipple cream to use? Here are a couple more…

5 Other Uses for Leftover Nipple Cream

A barrier cream for dribble rash

Got a teething or drooling baby? A little nipple cream under and around the mouth can protect the skin

A barrier cream for bottoms

Nipple cream is usually a good shout to protect sore skin wherever it is delicate, including acting as a barrier cream on babies’ bottoms.

Dry Skin Soother

The extra hand washing when I first became a mum left the ends of my fingers and around my nails dry, and when I ran out of hand cream, you can guess what I used it in its place! Some nipple creams are also meant to protect the nail cuticles when you have those annoying little bits of skin. I’ve also used it to soothe dry patches on my face caused by changes in weather and I’ve heard of mums using it to prep their feet for summer by using it on cracked heels too.

Sore Nose Protector

When the dreaded lurgy hits and your household is wiped out with a cold and sore noses, let your nipple balm come to the rescue by protecting and helping red noses to heal.

Skin Chafe Protector

This is one I’ve yet to test out personally, but makes a lot of sense. As a moisturising barrier cream, nipple cream should in theory make a good anti-chafe product. I’m definitely going to use it to try and avoid chub rub on my thighs summer but you may also want to try it out if you’re a runner who experiences chafing in other areas.

If you do decide to try out any of the alternative uses for nipple cream above, be mindful to introduce the cream to new areas carefully – there are of course some areas where nipple cream really doesn’t belong. It’s also worth bearing in mind that some people are allergic to lanolin, which is an ingredient in some nipple creams. If this Is the case for you, you can find nipple cream that doesn’t include it .

Do you have a half used tube of nipple cream at the back of the drawer or in your changing bag? Have you tried using it as a lip balm or barrier cream? We’d love to hear what other uses you’ve found for your nipple cream and other baby products, so leave us a comment below. If we like your idea we might include it in an upcoming blog post…