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Tips and Picks for Car Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

by Fay Nyberg

Are you hoping to visit some friends or relatives over the Bank Holiday? Planning a little UK holiday for your family or taking your baby or toddler on their first long car trip?

Today on Bump, Baby & You we’re sharing our tips and picks of products to make travelling by car that little bit easier!

Car Journeys With Toddlers and Newborns

It’s very important to plan breaks into your journey when you’re travelling with babies and toddlers.  As part of these breaks, babies need to be taken out of their car seats. For safety reasons, newborns shouldn’t be taken on car journeys of over 30 minutes. If you’re planning a longer journey, this means you’ll need to be mindful of factoring in stops for feeds, nappy changes and car seat free time along the route. You can read about warnings around babies sleeping in car seats on the NHS website here .

When it comes to stopping points, you could simply plan in stops at services, or think about factoring in sights or attractions along your route. Is there a park or garden you can have a picnic in? Don’t forget to pack something like a baby wrap or carrier, they’re so handy when you’re on the move.

Car safety is so important – make sure you’re entirely happy with how your car seat operates and is fitted before you head off on your journey. Don’t be tempted to feed baby when they are strapped into their car seat – if they choke you could struggle to get them out and of course, if you remove them from their car seat in a moving vehicle this poses further risks too.

What to Pack For a Car Journey With a Baby or Toddler

You’ve seen those memes about leaving house before you have a baby and the load you carry after! For car journeys it’s a good idea to overpack. Take all the basics you’d expect to need for the journey plus extras in case you get stuck in a traffic jam. This means extra nappies, clothes, water, snacks if weaning and of course, formula if baby is formula fed. Make sure you know where everything is packed and keep things easy to access so you can find them quickly if you need them.

Car Mirrors

Keep an eye on your little one in the back with these car mirrors, which allow you to see your baby or toddler in their rear facing car seat in the back.


(Left to right)

Find the Diono easy view mirror here*

The maxi cosi back seat mirror is available here*

It’s a mirror for baby to play with rather than to help visibility, but how cute is the safari look and play mirror? You can find it here*.

Car Toys

Along with old favourites, take some new toys or play games with your toddler on the trip to keep them occupied. My little girl loves taking a tea set on her travels and her travel tegu puzzle is a really creative way to learn.

Car Toys

(Left to right)

Find the Taf Toys Play and Kick toy here*

Buy the Peppa Pig House Tea Set here*.

Find the Tegu Travel Pal magnetic blocks whale here*.

Car Window Sun Shades

Sun shades are absolute essentials now the sun is out! We’ve picked out these cute character car window shades to protect your little one’s eyes from the sun’s glare.

(Left to right)
Find the Peppa and George Sun Screens here*.

You can buy the pop up bear shades for under a tenner here*.

We found these colourful unicorn car window shields here*.

Bedtime Ready – Cots and Blinds

Whether you’re headed to stay with friends and family or at a B&B, make sure you take kit with you to keep your  little one comfortable at bedtime.

(Left to right)

The colourful Mothercare travel cot is really affordable and has some great reviews, find it here*.

This Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is an award winner and it’s on sale right now here*.

If there’s a risk of sunlight beaming in through the window and waking up your little squish, you’ll be glad you packed this Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind, buy it here*.

Travel Sleeping Bags and Blankets

Keeping babies and toddlers at the right temperature is important anywhere they go, so we’ve picked out some lightweight travel sleeping bags and a warmer blanket, for keeping them cosy on the move.

This 1 tog Orla Kiely patterned travel Gro Bag is an absolute steal for under £10! It allows little ones to be transferred from car seat to cot. We found it here*.

We love the jungle animals on this travel Gro Bag, you can buy it here*.

This colourful knitted blanket is great for colder days and nights. You can order it here*

Do you have any family trips planned this summer? Will you be braving your first long car journey with baby or toddler? We hope you’ve find these tips helpful. If you’re heading further afield or going on a longer break, make sure you check out our baby holiday packing checklist


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