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Our Favourite Toy Instruments For World Music Day

by Bump, Baby & You

The 21st of June is World Music Day!

Music is such a big part of growing up and parenting; we learn a surprising amount through song and rhythm, and in turn we teach our children things like nursery rhymes, the alphabet, and body parts for example, through songs! Here’s our guide on World Music Day, to help inspire parents to bring out the mini musical maestro in their little one.

What is World Music Day?

World Music Day originated in France in 1982, where it is known as Fête de la Musique (which directly translates as World Music Day), and is celebrated in over 120 countries! It’s held on the summer solstice, is held on the principal that associated public events are free to access, and aims to bring music to everyone.

What are the benefits of music for child development?

Open Mic UK is a fantastic music resource, encouraging people to come forth and express themselves through song and music. Their guide on the benefits of music for children states that music…

  • Promotes brain development due to memorising lyrics, learning cues, hones task processing skills.
  • Encourages oxygenation of the brain due to emphasis on breathing, and helps to expand the lungs.
  • Helps children understand concepts of loud and quiet.
  • Produces endorphins (feel good hormones) through enjoyment of singing, dancing and listening to music.
  • Helps a child to set goals through learning, especially if they’re learning to play an instrument.
  • Develops imagination through creating own songs, rhythms and sounds.
  • Helps hone motor skills through movement to rhythm and using an instrument.

There are SO many amazing benefits of music for the physical, mental and emotional development of our children, clearly! We’ve had a look at the choices of instruments for little ones and have picked out the best musical instruments for kids, to help parents who are inspired by this celebration of music. There is so much to choose from – we hope you find something fabulous.

Our Favourite Instrument Sets

Not sure which specific instrument to go for? Why not indulge in a set. These could also make a great present for a birthday or a Christmas…

Find the Personalised Set & Storage Bag here*.

Find the Engraved 6 Piece Set here*.

Find the Janod Confetti Musical Set here*.

Find the My 1st Years Personalised Set here*.

The Best Xylophones

Xylophones are a great starter instrument; they’re simple to use, and very entertaining for smaller children. They’re a great way to teach pitch, too.

Find the Grey Personalised Xylophone here*.

Find the Bright Personalised Xylophone here*.

Find the Pastel Personalised Xylophone here*.

Find the Xylophone Walker here*.


Our Top Drums For Kids

Bang, bang, bang! Drums are so much fun, and a good way for a child to express themselves (and tire themselves out I daresay)!

Find the Personalised Tin Drum here*.

Find the Personalised Grey Drum here*.

Check Out These Guitars For Kids!

Older kids may be taking an interest in string instruments, so why not invest in a mini version and some lessons? Or perhaps a toy guitar, for little ones not quite ready to learn?

Find the Blue Personalised Mini Guitar here*.

Find the Wooden Toy Electric Guitar here*.

Jingly Sensory Musical Toys For Babies

For much smaller babies, music can still be a great form of sensory stimulation; particularly their auditory development! These goodies could be perfect for your baby…

Find the Personalised Jingle Sticks here*.

Find the Sophie La Giraffe Touch & Play Board here*.

Find the Personalised Jingle Rattle Set here*.

Find the Silver Personalised Rattle here*.

The Best Wind Instruments For Kids

We hope you don’t hate us for this section, as parents we KNOW how annoying recorders and whistles can sound! If your little one is serious about taking recorder lessons, this one could be great. The whistle… Well, the whistle would be great for someone who lives well away from other people!

Find the recorder here*.

Find the personalised whistle here*.

What instruments do your kids enjoy playing? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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