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5th Birthday & An Interview With My 5 Year Old

by Jemma Jargom

Another year older for our little man. Another year of learning and growing for him and for us. His birthday especially is a celebration of all of us, after all we have been parents for the exact amount of time as his age. We have all grown and developed on this journey together. Although it’s going way too fast for my liking.

I wrote my first birthday post last year for H and it was something I felt like I needed to record. Have a read in 4th Birthday And An Interview With My 4 Year Old.It was nice to have a little dip back into it and remind myself what we got up to last year.

5th Birthday Bowling

His birthday fell on Sunday this year so we thought we would make a whole weekend of it. On Saturday we had bowling booked for just after lunch, with family and friends. We did this last year and have only been a couple of time since. He really enjoyed it and had been asking to  go again so we thought what better reason to do it then his birthday. He had a brilliant time, he even one on the children’s lane, which made his day. After the bowling everyone came back to ours for tea and cake and to do presents.

We had one last surprise up our sleeve once everyone else had gone and that was a surprise sleepover. My sister came to stay for the night as he had been asking when she was coming next. That put the icing on the cake for him.

We had set up the banners and balloons again this year as its become a little bit of a family tradition. I try to make his birthday seem even more special and this is one way we do it. He’s also a bit unsure first thing in the morning I think he might just find it a little overwhelming. He never runs straight to his presents he always hesitates as if waiting for permission to go and look. Once he went over he got stuck in fairly quickly.

5th Birthday

H opened up his presents and I think he was quite pleased, there wasn’t a lot but it was enough. Take a look in Birthday Gifts For 5 Year Old Boy if you want to see exactly what we got for him. He had requested pancakes for breakfast that morning so we all enjoyed birthday pancakes.

He spent most of the day building some Lego and playing Power Rangers with his Auntie. I don’t think she was prepared enough for the onslaught. Considering he had a busy day the day before he seem to find this second wind of energy and kept going all day.

He had such a good weekend and when Chris took my sister home both H and M were crashed out early. Which has got to be a good sign of a great weekend.

5th Birthday cake

As I did last year too I thought I would ask him a couple of questions and do a little Q&A.

Do you like School?

‘Er, yeah.’

What’s your favourite thing to do in School?

‘Oh, er Lego.’

What’s your favourite colour?

‘Erm, all the colours but not white.’

What’s your favourite food?

‘Erm food, my favourite food is chicken and chips.’

Who’s your best friend?

‘Erm what in school? My best friend is Preston.’

What’s your favourite TV programme?

‘Er Power Rangers Dino Charge.’

What’s your favourite thing to do?

‘My favourite thing to do is Cars. Crashing cars.’

What’s your favourite thing to do outside?

‘Hmmm its bubbles.’

Where’s your favourite place to go?

‘Erm, I’ve got to many choices. Erm a party. The shops.’

Do you have a favourite toy?

‘Toy? Erm yeah, my costume and my new dino charger.’

What do you want to be when you grow up?

‘A power ranger.’

It was so interesting already to compare how his taste and ideas have already changed. Do you have any nice family traditions you do for birthdays?

Jemma x

Written by Jemma Jargom for her blog, All Things Jargom.

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