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End of Year Gifts Ideas – Under £10

by Yvette Embleton

As the school year draws to a close, you might be thinking about how to say ‘thank you’ to your child’s nursery teacher. We know they don’t expect anything, but that almost makes it nicer to do!

A lovely card from your child would be enough but if you want to go the extra mile, check out these sweet and thoughtful tokens of appreciation for under £10:

Something Smelly:

Wax Lyrical Thank You Gift Candle – £5*

Wax Lyrical Thank You Reed Diffuser £5*


Something to Wear:



Two Pack Striped & Textured Ties – £9*

Blue Sausage Dog Print Lightweight Scarf – £5*


Something to brighten their day:











Thank You Teacher Mug – £4.50*

Art of Writing Silver Metal Ballpoint Pen – £8*

Nursery Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque – £3.99*

Eat Sleep Teach Repeat Slogan Flask (18cm)*
World’s Greatest Teacher Mug (10cm x 10cm)*
Teacher Wooden Apple Plaque (18cm x 12cm)*
World’s Greatest Teacher Candle (9cm x 8cm x 7cm)*
To Do List Pad (23cm x 11cm x 1cm)*



If you need some inspiration to keep the kids entertained over the summer break, see here for summer holiday activities on a budget.


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