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Group B Strep & Twins: A Mummy’s Story

by Bump, Baby & You

Finding out we was pregnant was one of the most surreal moments of my life!

We had been trying for a baby and weʼre lucky enough to get a positive result very early in the pregnancy. At 7 weeks I experienced a bleed and had an early scan where to our utter disbelief we was told there was two babies!

We later discovered we were having MCDA twins and towards the end of my pregnancy it was agreed Iʼd be induced at 36 weeks. However my waters broke at 33 weeks and five days and so off to hospital we went, I remained in hospital on bed rest and three days later I went into labour. After 16 hours in labour and at 9cm my consultant decided I would need an emergency caesarean due to twin
oneʼs heart rate increasing.

Our girls were born healthy for heir gestation and remained in hospital for 13 days just until they were off their feeding tubes. When the girls were one day off being six weeks old the girls simultaneously started to show symptoms of going off their feeds, a temperature, being uncomfortable when being held and motley skin. We contacted 111 and after being seen by a doctor were admitted to our local A&E as she was concerned about one twin having sepsis, at this point there was no concern for our other daughter(twin 1).

Once in A&E twin 2 was given every appropriate drug but still went downhill quick and sudden. It was only whilst twin 1 was with
us the Doctors thought it would be best to run some tests. Suddenly she also went downhill massively and the NWTS team began arranging transport to Alder Hey childrenʼs hospital.

After a few days in intensive care our girls were diagnosed with late onset GBS infection and twin 1 was also then diagnosed with meningitis as a result of the infection. In total the girls remained at Alder Hey for 14 days and luckily have managed to make a full recovery so far.

Some of the risks factors of GBS

  • More than 18 hours had passed between your waters breaking and baby being born.
  • Your baby is born prematurely (before 37 weeks).
  • Having a high temperature during labour.

I had all of the above but was never given the necessary antibiotics during labour.

Iʼm telling our story because we donʼt want anyone to experience the trauma that we have. If you think your baby/babies show any
symptoms of GBS Infection do not hesitate to take them to A&E!

Written by one of our lovely followers who wishes to remain anonymous.


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Group B Strep Support 25th July 2019 - 12:38 pm

So good of this family to share their story to raise awareness and help others. Please pass on our grateful thanks.

If anyone would like more information about group B Strep, and particularly about signs of these infections in babies, do visit our website and particularly this page https://gbss.org.uk/info-support/group-b-strep-infection/gbs-infection-in-babies/

And, of course, the charity is here to help if we can. Helpline 0330 120 0796


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