Holly’s Awesome Sensory Box!

Our fabulous community group member Holly shared this amazing sensory box idea with us over in our group and it was a hit!

With her permission, we just HAD to show all of our followers – this is a creative, inexpensive way to give your small baby some fun sensory stimulation, and you could even get your other children involved by making it a family project.

How she made the sensory box…

Holly bought everything she needed from the craft range at Poundland as well as using a generic cardboard box – here’s a photo of what she used. You can use anything you like to make your own! The total cost was only £11.

“- First, I got the animal patterned issue paper and glued it onto pieces of white card so they looked bolder from having a white background. Then stuck them at the back, no specific way, whatever looks good for you.

– Got out the shiny paper, grabbed a glass and drew two different shaped circles, then cut out. I done this on all colours of the paper (blue, green, silver and gold) then stuck them inside.. again, no specific way. If you’re using the same paper as I have, you will need something to put on top of the circles as they like to bend up when wet.

– While the circles dry, I then started on the other side of the box with the foam stars. Just stuck them in a pattern of the bug ones at the top, descending into smaller ones.

– I went back to the circle side to do the triangle things. This is the annoying bit.. I got the mosaic tiles, which are tiny tiny sticky squares, and I cut square shapes out of the tile, then cut through then which made triangle shapes. Once again, no pattern, just go with what looks good!

All of what I used are on a picture attached.”

What do you think? We LOVE it! 

We’d love to hear your sensory play ideas. Tell us in the comments!