Hooray For Boobies!

In celebration of finishing my breastfeeding helper course today I thought I’d talk about something all us ladies have, BOOBIES!

Now they come in all shapes and sizes, some round some pointed, some with big nipples, some with small nipples and even some with inverted nipples but they are all designed for one thing, feeding children. So why is the UK so damn poor at doing this!?

We have one of the lowest rates of feeding in the western world and this is down to prejudice, misinformation and a lack of understanding.

Breastfeeding is the most amazing start you can give your child and although some people genuinely cannot feed their child, that is a tiny percentage. Healthcare professionals, still in 2019 are too quick to tell new parents to move over to formula and this is really sad and that’s where us bf helpers can make a difference. We can help mums feel more confident, help them understand how to breastfeed comfortably and most importantly give them unbiased informed decisions which can aid their bf journey.

In 2016 my eldest son was unable to breastfeed but through support groups online I managed to successfully express feed him until he was 14 months and I have been breastfeeding my youngest for nearly 16 months now!

16 months I hear you say… isn’t that a bit long? This is the other problem with bf, for some reason the public are under the assumption that you should only feed them until 1 and then stop, anything past that is weird and unnatural. No. A child won’t naturally wean usually until after 2 and can be years after that too! We should respect women that do such a long journey.

We should be united. Together. Breastfeeding is amazing. 

Zebra mumma

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