Little One Ready To Potty Train? – Read this!

The long summer days are a great opportunity to try potty training with your little one – If they’re ready of course.


Before you start, make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. We’ve found a great selection of potty-paraphernalia just for you!


The thrown, the water closet, Daddy’s Time-out – whatever you call now, we all started off somewhere and that somewhere was most probably a potty! The only difference is that now the are so cool!! How amazing are these potties for your little one. You only potty-train once, you might as well make it fun!

Find the Thomas the Tank Potty here

Find the Green Summer Infant Potty here

Find the Peppa Pig Potty Here

Find the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn with Puppy Potty here

Find the Unicorn Potty here

Find the Grey Potty Chair here



Travel Potties!

Once you start, you kind of have to keep going! That means always having a plan for when you’re out and about. Thankfully you can get a whole range of travel potties to help your toddler go, on the go!


Find the Fox travel potty here

Find the fish travel potty here

Find the 2 in 1 travel potty here



Once your little one has sat on the potty it’s important for them to get into the habit of washing their hands. This is where a step-stool comes in handy! They love their independence and your back loves not lifting them. You can also use later on when they are ready to sit on the toilet.


Find the Grey Elephant step-stool here

Find the Peppa Pig step-stool here

Find the Wooden step-stool here.

Find the Two-Step White and Green step-stool here


Star charts!

Toddlers love stickers, which makes getting a Potty Training Star Chart the ultimate encouragement tool! There’s a lovely selection available , here’s just a few of them:

Find the ‘Steps to the Potty’ chart here

Find the ‘Rocket Reward Drop Box’ here

Find the ‘Dinosaur Reward Chart’ here

Find the ‘Toilet Training Drop Box’ here

Find the ‘Mermaid’ Chart here


If you want some advice on Potty training your little one – the NHS has a great section devoted to the subject. Find it here!

If you’ve got some tips for other mummies just starting the potty training phase, share them in the comments below!