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Little ‘Must Haves’ for Big Adventures: Bug Hunt

by Yvette Embleton

The greatest thing about bug hunts is that they are free (wahoo!) and as long as your enthusiastic about the creepy-crawlies you meet, chances are your little one will be too.

It’s never too soon to introduce your little one to the world around them and bugs are EVERYWHERE -so why not start there! If you want to encourage your little explorer, we’ve popped together a 5 buggy-treats and ideas that will bring out their inner David Attenborough!

1. Explorer Equipment!

Learning Resources GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars –

Compact Shock Proof First Binoculars for Kids*


How cute are these! Designed for little hands – your little one will be able to look for creepy-crawlies and maybe even spot a few birdies too.


2. Take a themed book!

First Day at Bug School *


There are so many bug-books out there, why not take one with you to help reinforce the names of all the little critters you’ve found. Reading outside can be so exciting!


3. Insect Inspector! 

Learning Resources GeoSafari Jr Bugnoculars*


If your little one wants a closer look, this is perfect! Pop the bug in the Bugnoculars and see them in all their beautiful-bug-ness. Just make sure you release the bug once you’re done!


4. Crafty-Critters!

Make Your Own Garden Bug Hotel*


Why not encourage more bugs to visit your part of the world by making your own Garden Bug Hotel. It could be a little summer project for your family.

5. Make Memories

Fingerprint Activities: Animals*



After a big adventure together why not turn your little ones handprints into butterflies or fingerprints into the spots of a lady bird?   The perfect keepsake – Just remember to have wipes near by to clean up or you may find cute ladybird dots around your home!


Happy Hunting!



  1. Take a spoon with you – You’ll be able to scratch the surface of the soil or scoop the critters into a pot for a closer look.
  2. Get talking! – Chat to your little one about what bugs you might find – their colours, how many legs  they have, where they live?
  3. Don’t force it!  – If they aren’t interested, that’s ok. Maybe just try again another day.



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