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Ahoy there! – It’s National Marine Week!

by Yvette Embleton

Ahoy there! – It’s National Marine Week!


We’ve fished around the net for information about how you can do your bit, plus we’ve found some lovely ways to incorporate nautical vibes into your life.


What’s National Marine Week?

Well it’s exactly what it says, kind of!  From July 27th – 11th August The Wildlife Trusts hold a programme of events and activities for everyone to learn more about the UK’s seas and shores. It’s 15 days of fun to take into account the variation in tide times around the country.

You can find your local events here!

How Can I Help?

You can help marine wildlife by doing some of the following:

  1. If you go to the coast put any litter you find in the bin. It doesn’t have to belong to you but you can take the glory of saving the planet by popping it in a bin.
  2. Use less plastic! We’ve all heard about how plastic finds its way into the tummies of marine wildlife and makes them poorly.
  3. Be mindful about what you’re washing down the plug hole. Some cosmetics, soaps, washing-up liquids and cleaning products can be harmful to wildlife with long-lasting effects.

For more info head here!



Nautical Vibes for You and Yours!


Looking for the perfect way to bring a bit nautical into your life? Well, rest your sea legs – we’ve done the hard work for you.


5. Captain / First Mate T-Shirt Set

How perfect are these matching Sea-shirts for the Captain and First Mate in your life!


Find the matching t-shirts here!*


4. 4 Drawer Nautical Stripe Storage Unit

Now this will complete any nautical themed room! It’s so sweet with the heart detailing.


You can find this here!*


3. 5 Pack Pure Cotton Nautical Bodysuits

Your little land-lover will look adorable in these nautical bodysuits. They’re pure cotton too! 👌


You can find them here!*


2. Matching Mummy and Me Nautical Outfits

You’ll both look stunning in the matching Anchor outfit!


You can net yourself this here!*


1. Nautical Duvet Set

Our catch of the day is this! You’ll be able to let your dreams set sail with this stunning bedding set. ⛵


You can find it here!*

If you’ve taken the little ones rockpooling, or spent the day at the beach, let us know any advice in the comments below.


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