10 Ways to Boost Your Breastfeeding Experience!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week so we’re looking at the little ways you can boost your breastfeeding journey.

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First off – we need to make it clear that you do not need any of the products below to be able to enjoy your breastfeeding journey with your baby.

We asked our community members what they thought boosted their experience and here are some of their suggestions:


10. Washable Breast Pads 

Washable breast pads means less waste and more comfort for you and your boobies.  Hooray!  TIP: Pop them in the freezer for a few mins before you use them.  A-maz-ing!!!


You can find these here!*


9. Lansinoh – HPA Lanolin

For those not in the know – this is soothing nipple cream. Ideal for the early days!  TIP: Again – pop this in the fridge for a few mins. (Spotting a theme here?)


You can pick this up here!*

8. A Feeding Bra

Feeding is a lot easier with a nursing bra; just pop your hand in and unclip!   TIP: Invest in some vests and wear them under your clothes. Lift your top up and pull your vest down! It gives easy access to your bra and it also means you’re fully covered.


Boohoo have a good range here!*


7. Netflix

Slightly tongue-in-cheek but still a very legitimate suggestion from our members! You need to have something to do while baby’s enjoying boobie time. Enjoy those early days while you can and binge those shows.



Head here* for more info!


6. A crib to go next to your bed 

If you’re breastfeeding, chances are it’s just you feeding baby through the night (unless you’re expressing), so having something like the Next 2 Me crib is great because it means you don’t need to get out of bed.


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5.  A water bottle

It’s really important you drink enough while breastfeeding. Your body is creating a liquid which you then feed to your baby – you need to replace this and have some to make sure you tick along nicely too.  Filling a bottle and making sure it’s to hand will be a lifesaver when you’re sat feeding baba.


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4. A Breast Pump

If your engorged or would like to store your milk for another time – you may be able to hand express but if you’d rather – investing in a breast pump might be a good idea.


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3. Freezer bags for Breastmilk

It might be a good idea to invest in some of these incase you want to store some of your breastmilk for a time when you’re not able to feed baby.


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2. A Sling

Baby-wearing can be so practical. Breastfed babies take so much comfort from you – you might find that wearing them is a great way to potter around while still giving your little one close contact.

To read about the safe use of slings head here!*


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1. A Feeding Pillow

A feeding pillow is great because it allows you to relax a little during feeding. 7lbs may seem light but when your sat holding baby for a feed – you soon tire.

TIP: Feeding pillows also act as a bump support to help you get comfortable during pregnancy.

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If you’ve got a suggestion for other mummies – please share. We’re all looking to make a little easier.

Thank you to all of our lovely members who made suggestions.


Breastfeeding Motivation from an ABM Mother Supporter

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