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BLW Idea: Slow Cooked Steak Pie

by Lindsay

If you’re weaning your little one and fancy cooking up a spectacular meal for them, this slow cooked steak pie looks like pure perfection!

With tender morsels of steak, and accompanied with plenty of vegetables, this is really a fabulous balanced meal for your child and sure to encourage a diverse palate. You can find the recipe from Lindsay at Our BLW Journey below…

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D I N N E R🥧 …. This was honestly the yummiest dinner we’ve had in a while!! Everyone finished their plate, including T which is a massive win because the past few months he’s been eating considerably less at dinner times so this dinner was 110% a #mumwin ! This yummy recipe was a slow cooker one, I usually use @baby_led_weaning_cookbook dump and run stew- which if you haven’t already, it’s the only bundle of blw apps I would recommend and it’s got amazing recipes- so instead pulled the basics from the recipe and adapted it to make this yummy pie filling! . . 🥧 steak and mushroom pie 🍩 raspberry doughnut 💗 raspberry & blueberry 🥕 carrot 💚 peas & green beans . . Ingredients: ▫️ diced beef ▫️ 1 onion ▫️ 1/2 packet of mushrooms ▫️ 2 low salt stock cubes ▫️ 400ml boiling water ▫️ 2 tbsp plain flour ▫️ puff pastry for the topping Method 1️⃣ add all the ingredients to the slow cooker 2️⃣ give it a good mix 3️⃣ leave to cook on low for 10 hours 4️⃣ if making a fun shape to top your child (or your owns) cut it up how you desire place on lined baking tray & brush with egg for a golden colour OR 5️⃣ scoop the mixture into an oven proof dish and brush the sides with egg, lay your puff pastry on top and then cut the bits overlapping. Brush the puff pastry with egg also for a golden colour 6️⃣ put your puff pastry & pie into the oven for 30 minutes at 180oC or until a golden colour. Serve once cooled and enjoy!! . . I’d love to hear if you give this super yummy recipe a try! This was a @bibado Job for us as T managed to get sauce all down himself so thank goodness we had it on! If you haven’t already got one, check out the link in my bio and enter my codes 👉🏼 BLWJOURNEY for free shipping 👉🏼 BLWJOURNEY30 to buy 1 get one 1/2 off! . I recently read a post that @little_human_big_foodie & @a_worried_weaner shared saying that we need to appreciate our mum wins more and less of the #mumfail no matter how big or small it has been! T eating his dinner was my mum win, id love to hear what your win was today! Let me know in a comment below!👇🏼 …. #ourblwjourneyrecipes #ourblwjourney #whatifeedmykid #healthyhomecooked #homemadepies

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