Little ‘Must Haves’ for Big Harry Potter Fans!

Are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? – we feel your pain, fellow muggle! To ease the hurt – we’ve conjured a magical collection of little ‘Must Haves’ for big Harry Potter fans!


Can you believe it’s been over 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was released? While we take a second to suppress how old that makes us feel – lets take a look at some of the most fun, cute and cool Harry Potter things for super fans!


13. Vans X Harry Potter Toddler’s Hogwarts Sk8-Hi Trainers – Blue

Seriously!  How cool are these Vans! Perfect for the seasons changing and perfect for any little wizard!

Buy them here!


12. Harry Potter Tom Riddle’s Diary Notebook and Invisible Wand Pen

How amazing would this be to write down your thoughts, ideas and little memories of your day!

You can find this here! If you’ve found this secret note – Well done!


11. Hogwarts Crest Sweatshirt – Grey Marl

We love how simple yet instantly recognisable as Hogwarts/Harry Potter! It looks so comfy.

You can buy it here!


10. Hogwarts Printed Dress – Mountain Meadow Green

Accio – this gorgeous dress! We wish this was available in grown-up sizes!


You can buy it here!


9. Wizarding World Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Now this is strictly for bigger witches and wizards! With this ‘real’ invisibility cloak you can actually disappear – well, kind of!

You can find this here!


8. Harry Potter Play Sets – Grey Marl/Red

These play sets make the most amazing baby gift which all Harry Potter fans will adore!-They come in a beautiful little bag too.

You can buy it here!


7. Harry Potter Play Sets – Ivory/Blue

Now- How gorgeous is this play set? We think this is for true Harry Potter fans as the pattern is so subtle – unless your really knew your stuff- you’d never guess it was full of Doe, Stags, Owls and other magical creatures.

You can find it here!


6. 4 Pack Hogwarts Bodysuits

It’s our choices that show us who we truly are and now you can pick and choose which house your little one belongs to! – Until they can decide for themselves that is!

You can find it here!


5. Pyramid International Harry Potter Framed Poster

This poster is casting excellent life advice for anyone that needs a little ‘Molly Weasley’ in their day and lets face it, that’s all of us, all of the time!

You can find this here!


4. Hedwig Dungarees – Farah Yellow

These are just magical!  Perfect for the changing seasons and for any little one with a sense of adventure!

Find these here!


3. Hogwarts Rugby Shirt – Rockabilly Red

We are loving this Hogwarts Rugby Shirt!  It’s so relaxed and comfy, and is the ultimate top for any sports fan!

Hogwarts Rugby Shirt - Rockabilly Red
Find this here!


2. Harry Potter Bold Shaped Cushion

What better way to introduce your little one to the wizarding-world that by popping this little cushion into their room. Perfect for playing and snugging with.


You can find this here!


1.  Potter Two Way Sequin T-Shirt 

Yep – It’s tough, but let’s just hang in there together. This fun sequinned top will be perfect for any little muggle.

You can find this here!