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One Of THOSE Days

by Stephanie Rich


It’s been one of THOSE DAYS! You must know what I’m talking about. One of THOSE days has a total different concept now.

It could be an inconvenience at work, a-problem with the sky subscription, a parking ticket, a slight altercation with a stranger who bumped into you…noooo I’m taking about one of THOSE DAYS…the one when you are at home all alone and outnumbered by two small little Tasmanian devils….the children.

It all started off with a lovely lie in….YEAH RIGHT.

0400 I can hear what I can only describe as a banshee coming from the boys room (am I dreaming?! Hearing crying again…) I went to investigate and it happened to be my little Freddie stood up in his cot..now laughing. How could he be awake at this time?! He normally sleeps through. I went to get him some milk and settle him down again. Henry never seems to be bothered which always surprises me seen as though they share a room.

20 minutes later…. I really need to check out that loft space…is there actually a bird or is it blossom (the cat- who strangely Freddie does sound like when he cry’s sometimes)…

‘Ah yes little Freddie what can I do you for….’ (please god go

Back to sleeeeep)… he stood up laughing again…. another bottle later and he must have dosed off again as I re-woke at…yes you guessed it.


(I’m so tired I can’t cope……I hardly slept been awake since 0400 how the hell am I going to get through the day with the boys it’s going to be soooo long).

They both woke and came into my bed. Which lasts all of 5 minutes before they are both climbing the walls! Okay boys let’s have breakfast…

I’m so fucking tired I stub my toe and break it…I’m known for my drama queen antics but I’m not exaggerating, no joke I have broken my toe…weetabix is calling…can’t stop now.

Feeding time at the zoo begins and ends and I get the sweeping brush out…only to have to do it again and again and again.

1000 ?! Hmm nap boys?! NAH 30 mins max!

God what can I do! I need a break. Hello nan and grandad I can go to Sainsbury’s and buy stuff I don’t need like that room spray on offer.

Somehow…after my little outing we reach 15:00….ah I can see the end in sight…bed time just gotta get through dinner time.

Freddie is a pleasure to feed. He eats anything. Henry however…he is really testing at the moment. I made a lovely cottage pie with swede. Within seconds he has thrown it all over the walls, curtain and floors (I just want to cry but I am numb) how much more… why doesn’t my child listen to me? I’ve tried so many ways to discipline but nothing is working. It’s like they are one step ahead and know how to play me… I need that super-nanny is she still around?!

Okay okay….bath time….trying to master the art of bathing 2 kids when your youngest has just realised how to climb out of the bath seat….not easy. We got through it though…

Finally all clean…all calm…milk and then …..yeah it’s 17:00 (what I thought it was bed time, Freddie is knackered because he wouldn’t nap he can’t sleep now he won’t sleep tonight come on stay awake Fred’s!…

I welcome a phone call from auntie in London….as soon as we speak Freddie cry’s, I try and carry on the conversation but then I notice out of the corner of my eye that Henry is playing with his microphone and there is a large brown substance on the end of it ‘gotta go…sorry…there is a turd on the window… I’m trying to clean it up and somehow Freddie has managed to crawl out of the door ajar and is now half way up the stairs (WTF) when did he learn to do that….laughing again at me. I rescue him and the turd and all is well again….bed time Fred…he can’t stay awake (1745) what do ya do?!

Henry is playing calmly and peacefully, the nicest he has been all day bless him.

And his terrible 2s.

I finally take Henry to bed, he is a angel, he brushes his teeth, chooses his teddy and picks out jaw jaw (his 6ft dinosaur grandad bought him for Christmas- cheers grandad lol) ‘night night mummy’….

My heart melts… I look over at Freddie fast asleep so beautiful…so innocent…Henry is snuggled down. My boys….my funny…crazy….amazing boys…I adore you. I am so lucky, my heart melts with pride….I would do this day over in a heartbeat my loves…oh F*** Freddie’s stirring….I quickly sneak out…

BIG DEEP BREATH…. I could really do with a beer right now…

I dunno how we got through this day but we did and there will probably be more days like this but not all the time, tomorrow is another day and I will try do better for my boys and try teach them and try manage it all better somehow. I think they can sense that their daddy is away maybe that’s why they are been mischievous… yeah maybe that’s it.

THOSE DAYS…these days are your life…right now….this minute…this is your life. How ever hard it is as a mum and dad remember that these days won’t last forever…these are your memories with your babies so however hard it is don’t wish this time away!! Buckle up your seatbelt and hold on in there. Nothing in life worth doing is easy but you will be rewarded in the end when you have brought up babies you are so proud of.

Keep the faith! You are doing your best! And remember we all have THOSE DAYS

Ahh and relax…..okay Freddie is crying again….and there is going to be 3?!?

Buckle up momma!!!! You got this.

Written by Stephanie Rich for her blog, For The Mother Of Sons.

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