Tesco’s Click and Collect is a Game-Changer!

We’ve finally found a way to do the weekly shop that fits in with your families routine! Here’s why we think Tesco’s Click+Collect is an absolute game-changer!

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco.

At ‘Bump, Baby and You’, we love experimenting with new ways to make our lives a little easier. So when we hit on something this good, we just can’t keep it to ourselves. Here’s what we think about Tesco’s Click+Collect service.



So, how does Tesco Click+Collect work?

It’s so easy – we thought it would be a bit fiddly or would involve waiting around but we were totally wrong! We’ve broken it down into 4 easy steps:


Step 1: You sign in/ create an account

This is done on the Tesco website here!  It only takes a few minutes to set up which is spot-on if you’re in high demand!


Step 2: Book a 2 hour slot to collect your shopping!

There are 340 locations across the UK to collect your shopping from and Tesco offer two hour pickup slots, 7 days a week. Shopping this way really fits around your life!

If you’re super organised, Tesco also offer ‘same day collection’ collection which sets it apart from other Click+Collect services.

Once you’ve selected the most convenient and a time slot that suits you – you’re ready to start shopping!


Step 3: Do your shopping online!

Just as you normally would, you do your shopping on their website.

One great thing about Tesco’s service is that it only have a £25 minimum order (Asda £26, Sainsburys £40), and home delivery (£40) which makes it perfect if you’re just picking up a few supplies or like to do smaller shops.

Once your order is placed, the Tesco team get to work on picking and packing your shopping just for you.


Step 4: Go and Collect 

All you need to do is drive to your selected store’s Click+Collect point!  A member of staff then brings your shopping to you while you wait with your car.

If you’re happy with the products, they help to put it straight in to the boot of your car.


There are so many reasons to use click and collect! It wasn’t until we gave it ago that we realised that it’s going to change everything!


5 Reasons to Give Tesco’s Click and Collect a Go!


  1. Be in complete control – No waiting in for a delivery! Pick it up at a time that suits you.
  2. You don’t need to come into the store to collect your shopping – It’s put straight into the boot of your car.
  3. Going on a trip? Arrange to collect your family favourites from one of their 340 stores.
  4. It really helps if  you’re sticking to a budget and don’t want to be swayed by in-store offers.
  5. Providing you forward them the information, someone else can collect your shopping for you – Perfect if you don’t have a car or unable to collect it yourself.

Our Verdict

If you have access to a car, we think Tesco’s Click and Collect is absolutely fab! It’s quick, convenient and the best thing is that you stay in control of your shopping. There’s no waiting around for a delivery van and they literally help put it in your car!  Click and Collect is perfect if you need to stick to a budget and to navigate your families routine!




Find out more about Tesco Click+Collect here!*

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