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Why You NEED to Invest in a Kally Sleep Pregnancy Pillow

by Bump, Baby & You

Expecting your first baby, and struggling to get comfortable at night? Or planning a pregnancy, and wondering what must-haves you should invest in?

We’ve had a chat with our fabulous mummy community, and the pregnancy pillow came out heads and shoulders above every other possible must buy!

  1. Why are pregnancy pillows so amazing? Well, here’s our top 10 reasons, and not all of them involve pregnancy!
  2. They support your aching body during sleep, and can help you to find the perfect sleeping position
  3. They promote optimal circulation and blood flow.
  4. They enhance muscular relaxation.
  5. They’re perfect for use for getting comfy with feeding.
  6. They’re fab for those early skin to skin days with your baby – a pregnancy pillow can provide the perfect little nook for you and your baby to snuggle up.
  7. They stop snoring! My husband stole mine and it worked like a treat for his snoring…
  8. They’re ideal for reflux – our mummies swear by these to help prop baby up after feeds.
  9. They’re ideal for use watching TV in bed too – they can help you to find the perfect angle.
    Obviously the main one, THEY’RE SOOOOO COMFY – and it helped lots of mummies in our group to sleep on their side – which is so important when pregnant.
  10. They’re like a giant hug in a pillow! Which is ideal if ever your partner goes away.


With all these clear benefits in mind, which pregnancy pillow is the BEST?

We’re a huge fan of Kally pregnancy pillows here at Bump, Baby & You. They have a product for every kind of pregnancy ache and pain, so you’re bound to find the perfect pregnancy pillow to help you to get a restful nights sleep.

Kally Sleep are offering 20% off their pillows with the code BUMPBABY&YOU!

Why Kally Sleep Pregnancy Pillows Are A Must-Buy…

In 2018, Kally Sleep launched a study to gain insight into what people want from ‘a good night’s sleep’, leading to them designing their range with real people in mind, and with the support of osteopaths & Harley Street doctors. They’ve created a pillow for every kind of pregnancy-related discomfort; from overall support to neck pain, back ache to leg pain, there’s something for everyone.

All products are produced with the highest quality components and are hypoallergenic, too.

For overall pregnancy support, we’re a huge fan of the Kally U-Shaped Pregnancy Support Pillow. It’s designed to support healthy sleep positions during pregnancy, to allow for a comfortable nights sleep . It’s also perfect for doubling as a nursing pillow! Find it here*.


Neck pain

For Neck Pain, Kally Sleep recommends their Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow. It provides balanced support to help alleviate back and neck pain, and with walled sides, it helps to promote the best spine alignment and support. This pillow is also very durable and will retain its shape for a long time, which gives it fabulous value for money. Find it here*!

Back pain

For pregnancy related back pain (something I’m sure many of us can relate to), the Kally Bolster Pillow is perfect. It’s filled with 100% hollowfibre and moulds to your body, meaning you get the perfect amount of support for you. It has a soft to medium rating, so it isn’t too firm but strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort. It’s also handy for sitting up comfortably in bed, something I definitely struggled with. Find it here*!

Hip pain

Your hips take an awful lot of strain during pregnancy, so hip pain is pretty common amongst pregnant ladies. Kally Sleep has designed their ergonomic, orthopedic full length body pillow (seen below in charcoal) to prevent and offer respite from hip pain. When positioned between the feet and ankles, a parallel position is encouraged, and this is great for hip discomfort. Lifting one leg up onto this pillow ‘opens up’ the area and is such a relief for nagging hip aches. Find it here*!

Shoulder pain

One of the biggest causes of shoulder pain is having an unsupportive pillow. Kally Sleep has designed their adjustable pillow, the very first adjustable pillow it should be noted, to allow you to find the perfect height and firmness for your needs at any given time. It contains 4 hollowfibre filled pads which can be added and removed whenever you need a little more or less. Find it here*!

Leg pain

The Kally Sleep full length body pillow is definitely an all-rounder – not only is it good for hip pain as we previously mentioned, it’s also fabulous for neck, back and leg pain! Leg pain in pregnancy can be caused by a plethora of things; sciatica is a big cause of leg pain, and the back support offered by this pillow could take the pressure off any problem areas in your back, relieving referred nerve pain in your legs. Muscular aches from the strain and tension of pregnancy could also be eased by lying on your side and lifting your leg onto this super supportive and comfortable pillow. Find it here*!

Tell us in the comments – what did you love about your pregnancy pillow?

Love from Team BBY & Team Kally Sleep! Xx


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