BLW Idea: Lentil & Veggie Pot

With colder months incoming, you may be on the lookout for healthy, hearty and warming meal ideas for your little ones who are weaning.

This lentil and veggie pot could be exactly what you’re looking for; lentils are an excellent source of fibre and other goodness, as well as being a fabulous belly filler –  see more on FeedingHarriet‘s Instagram. The full recipe is detailed here.

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Dinner: One pot dish- lentil And veggie pot (see grid for recipe) . . . So I made this a while back and Harriet really enjoyed it, so I thought we would revisit it. It’s not only a one pot meal but it also makes enough to freeze 3 meals, or 5 if making just for little ones. Harriet ate most of this, some blueberries and a raspberry frozen yogurt cup. . Messy meal but we were covered by out @bibado. All bits which fell were collected in the bib and thrown straight out during clean up. Fancy your own? Check out @bibado for designs and use the codes below for a discount. Feedingharriet30 (2 for£30) Feedingharrietfs (FREE SHIPPING) . . #blw #blwideas #blwmeals #babyledweaning #babyledweaningmeals #babyled #babyweaning #weaningbaby #vegan #veg #veggie #weaning #12months #babyfoods #babyblog #foodblog #foodblogger #bamboobamboo

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