Long Hair, Don’t Care – Boys Can Have Long Hair Too!

If you’re a mother of a boy with longer hair than most other boys, you’ll probably be familiar with some of the strange attitudes and jokes about males who have long hair.

From speaking to the mummies in our parenting community, most of them have had to deal with at least one comment along the lines of ‘why don’t you cut his hair? He looks like a girl!’ or ‘oh, what a gorgeous little girl you have!’ even when their child is clearly a lad. Emmerdale star Charley Webb is no stranger to this. Her two eldest sons, Buster and Bowie, sport long tresses – being a celebrity and present on social media, she gets LOADS of comments and messages from members of the public questioning why she doesn’t cut their hair.

Throughout history, it has been normal and acceptable for boys and men to have long hair if they chose; in fact, it was once seen as rather distinguished! So why now, in 2019, are attitudes towards boys hair so strangely skewed, especially given the fact that attitudes towards gender have changed to become so much more accepting? It’s bizarre, isn’t it?

The fact of the matter is that if a little boy has longer hair, don’t question it, it might not be your cup of tea but many other people like it!

Fed up, Charley took to Instagram to address the topic.

See her post below – we think it’s on point, and her boys are gorgeous. Go Charley!

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I get asked so many times on here why my kids have got long hair. ‘Why don’t you cut it?’ Or, ‘they look like girls’. The answer is really simple, because we like it and more importantly they like it. I absolutely don’t feel like I need to explain it to anyone who has an opinion but I just think life would be so much easier if we all just focused on our own lives. Don’t let my kids hair worry you. I think people think they have a right to have an opinion because of social media. Maybe you do. But try keeping it to yourself, it’s not important to us what you think of how our kids look. Or how we look. Or their names or whatever it is you might want to comment on. I was always taught, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Try practicing it peeps. There’s enough awful stuff in the world without being mean to each other. They’ve got another t shirt that says, I’m a boy, I’ve just got better hair than you. True dat.✌🏽

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Long hair, don’t care – if your son likes his hair longer, then that’s all that matters.

Feel like taking inspiration from Charley? You can find this brilliant slogan t-shirt here*! It comes in black and white, and from size 3-4 years up to 13-15 years. If your little boy has long hair and you’d like to share your personal stories, email us at katie@bumpbabyandyou.co.uk!