Boden Have Released a Magical Harry Potter Cloak!

If you’ve ever read or watched Harry Potter and wished that you too had a beautiful cloak to get wrapped up in, this is for you! Boden have released magical cloak and it’s stunning!


Boden have released this stunning Magical Cloak! It’s called the ‘Protego Maxima Magical Cloak’* and it’s official colour is a beautiful ‘Midnight Blue’. Just look at it! 😍

* Credit: Boden

You can feel totally enveloped in the the magic of Hogwarts in this fully lined Cloak! Made from super soft velvet with a hood for added snugness, it’s just the thing for exploring on chilly evenings. The iconic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is embroidered beneath a star-studded sky with dazzling gold sequins around the hem.


* Credit: Boden

Ok, it can be forgiven for not actually being an invisibility cloak but it is very special! How fun would it be to buy it in a large size so the whole family can have your own family wizarding cloak in the family.

You can get your ‘Protego Maxima Magical Cloak’* here!

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