Pandora have just launched the most magical Harry Potter collection and we are completely spellbound!


This is the moment all us muggles have been waiting for! Pandora have finally released the most fabulous Harry Potty line and each piece is more magical than the next!


Pandora Moments Harry Potter, Golden Snitch Clasp Bangle

* Credit: Pandora

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Character Charms
* Credit: Pandora

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Hogwarts Houses Charms

* Credit: Pandora

Find your Gryffindor Dangle Charm here*

Find your Slytherin Dangle Charm here*

Find your Ravenclaw Dangle Charm here*

Find your Hufflepuff Dangle Charm here*




* Credit: Pandora

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We hope you’ll be able to wave your magic wand over your Christmas gift lists and mark a few people off with these!


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