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Don’t Feel Guilty if You Can’t Afford To Spoil Your Kids At Christmas

by Bump, Baby & You

It’s that time of year again…

The time of year where social media is abuzz with post after post about Christmas – gifts, ideas, fun trips to see Santa. Quite often, you’ll probably spot photographs of huge piles of gifts on your newsfeed and in parenting Facebook groups too, and if you’re a parent who can’t afford to go all out this year, it can elicit really strong feelings of guilt.

It’s really easy to forget, with all the flashing lights, glitter and mania that comes with the festive season, that your love for your child isn’t represented by material goods.

I’m definitely bad for this! Most of the year, I have a fairly practical outlook but as soon as Christmas cards hit the shelves at the shops it’s like my brain switches into a whole different mode and I feel overwhelmed by all of the adverts, music, shops filled with Christmas paraphernalia and social media Christmas fever! I’m sure many of you will relate to some degree.

It’s so easy to feel absolutely shit if your Christmas gift budget is very limited, and then all you see on your newsfeed is photos of huge piles of perfectly wrapped gifts, children riding their own mini Range Rovers around, iPads and Grimms goodies as well as all of the other big ticket gifts. I’ve been there in past Christmases and know how it feels. It’s so easy, as parents, for us to be SO hard on ourselves and feel guilty.

Remember – as long as your child has your love, clothes on their back, food on their belly and a roof over their head, they have everything they need. £10 of toys from the local bargain store, £100 of toys, or even £1000, it is irrelevant and is no reflection on you as a parent so stop stressing.

Enjoy your babies and your loved ones this Christmas; that is what is most important.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx


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