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Can Siblings Share Toys?

by The Hairy Father

I’ll be honest…the answer to my question is…NO!

In the next few paragraphs I will try to explain having two boys who are very close in age and that they want to play with the same toy at the same time…

When having one child I thought just buy toys and brilliant he can play with them whenever he wanted…now having the second child is like having someone who wants to play with the exact same toy and the exact same time because well he wants too…

So you try and get one of them to play with something different or off them something a little better from the tray of toys…but that just ends up in tantrum and throwing toys around…

So either I have to buy two of the same toy and give it to them equally or not bother with toys…but I can’t do the buying two of the same because I did that with the water bottles they have on a daily basis yet they can’t share it’s either they have none or both not in the middle…

I don’t know what it is with brothers and not being able to sgare things or siblings in general because it seems they always need to have one over on each other…if you have kids do they do this as well? constant arguing or moaning that they have the toy i want to play with?

When we ask them to share and play nicely they do it for like 15 seconds or when they have something on the TV to watch like currently I am sitting watching SpongeBob because Fin has just got into it and its better then the 15 million times we have watched Zog, Wreck it Ralph and Wall-E (all great films but so annoying watching it that many times a day!)

Just coming to the point when we are always trying to find something they can play with together or find things they both like to play with and the other one wont steal it when they go to the toilet or have a nap…

Until that day happens it will be a constant struggle to find these toys…but when I do find the secret to having two boys and sharing toys, I will 100% let you all know what the secret is….it might involve a little fee but it will be worth it…TRUST ME…

Until Next Time…

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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