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How to Read with Your Little One

by Yvette Embleton

Here are some wonderful tips to help you read and enjoy books with your little one.

It may come natural to some, but for many, reading to their little ones can feel daunting. If you think about it, many people may not have read aloud since they were at school and those thoughts may not bring back fond memories. We’ve popped together some great tips to help make reading with your little one more fun!

Top Tips for Reading with Your Little One


  1. Remember that your little one can’t read and totally adores spending time with you so, if you make a mistake, it absolutely doesn’t matter – just move on.
  2. Find somewhere quiet away from the television and mobile phones. Children’s books are so short but they can really help with long term bonding – find 10 minutes where you can just concentrate on your baby and their book.
  3. If you feel comfortable try making animal noises or sound effects – these help to bring the story to life and your little one will adore watching you be so expressive.
  4. Cuddle up together or even get brothers and sisters to join in. Siblings will love getting involved and doing actions to entertain their little baby.
  5. Ask your little one questions and be sure to give them the answer. For example ‘How many ducks are there?’ Enjoy counting out the ducks with your little one.
  6. If they are toddlers – ask them what they think is happening in the pictures. Little ones may not be able to read but they are really good at ‘reading’ pictures. Help explain what’s happening in the story with the pictures.
  7. Let your little one have easy access to books – place them in a pile on the floor or on a bookshelf at their height.
  8. Give them the freedom to choose the book they’d like to read and don’t make them choose again, even if you’ve read the same book a number of times. They may love the way you read it to them or the funny sounds you make.

So there you have it, some wonderful tips to help you enjoy reading with your baby. If you’ve got some great advice, why not share it in the comments below.


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