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Paternity Leave for Fathers…Why is it not longer…?

by The Hairy Father

When it comes to parenting there is a LOT still to be learnt even if it’s your second kid or your seventh kid…you have an understanding of what to do but still so many more challenges to jump over and gain knowledge of…

When it come to me, as I have said before in my previous blogs that I had no clue with Finley because I had never been around kids before like that..but with Jaxon I was completely different, I had an understanding of what I needed to do as a dad.

When it comes to Paternity Leave I don’t think this is fair because when I had leave from my work they gave it to me from the day Megan was in hospital for two weeks, but my issue now thinking about it, it’s not long enough because if your parent, wife or girlfriend has a C- Section then it could be a week until they are discharged and then only gives you a week with the baby to settle in and sort out things around the house.

When it came to both boys births, she spent 2 days being induced then had the baby and then spend 2 days afterwards so that’s a total of 4 days out of my two weeks paternity gone already…I know for a fact that Megan wasn’t ready to have two kids on her own (yes she was more then capable to do it) but just giving birth and wasn’t very well…she needed help.

In some countries they are given a year full pay paternity leave and in some they don’t give any at all…which I think is beyond crazy! After doing some research and looking online at paternity pay Estonia gives 87 weeks of PAID leave compared to USA which give 0 weeks…

But when I left to go back to work I hated going and leaving all three of them because I had spent so much time with them day and every hour of the night…trying to stay awake with Megan for every feed but failed miserably! I am so proud of that women for her feeding and strong willedness for not falling asleep and maintaining it…

But it was amazing coming home to them, fin running towards me saying “daddy” and a massive cuddle which made leaving them all to work so worth it. But I believe, and in my own opinion, that we as fathers need to have more time off with for paternity leave because we are needed, it may not seem it but we are there to help with changing, feeding, bathing, eating and bonding…and 2 weeks or even a week isn’t long enough…and we need to address this but it seems that when ever someone tries it gets shot down in government but we will try and there is always the future, but until then please make the most of the time you have with your new little family regardless if it’s 6 kids or your first…they are amazing…

My boys…Finley and Jaxon…

A one proud husband to the most beautiful wife…Megan…

Until next time…

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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