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Practice Makes Perfect

by Ashleigh Wood


I climbed three stairs all on my own!
You looked so proud when we did it together, so I thought I’d have a try alone.

But now you look shocked and a little mad, such a change from yesterday. I know you’ve stopped me doing this 1000 times but I knew I’d find a way.

I just wanna show you all these new things I can do and to see your biggest smile too. Like the one you did when I first stood up or the one you do when I smile at you.

I know now I’m crawling things have changed quite a lot and its not often I stay in one spot.

See things just don’t look the same anymore and the house is a wonderland I need to explore.

I know you’re tired of my constant crying when I fall and bump my head. You pick me up as I hit, kick and grab, I can tell you’d rather I slept instead.

But Mama, practice makes perfect and I’m trying my best even if I may put your patience to the test.

It’s not easy for me either as you chase me from door to door, the curiosity just takes over and I have to discover more.

I hear your sighs as I pull on the cupboards and drawers or knock the same old things from the shelves. See babies my size can’t yet ask what things do, so we have to find out for ourselves.

I can’t promise not to put wires in my mouth or to eat cat food off the floor. One day I’m sure you’ll teach me right from wrong but it’s fun to use my mouth to explore.

As for nappies, tust me, I hate them too maybe even a little more than you. I just love being naked as many my size do (but frankly, we all gotta poo).

I’ll struggle and I’ll fight and make my escape in the nude and you’ll catch up with me and put that nappy on as you tickle me out of my mood.

Look the kitty! Put me down so I can crawl and play some more. Excited as I chase him only to bump my head upon the floor.

Whoops, guess I’m tired now, I can feel it but I mustn’t go to bed. I’d rather practice on my standing and hang out with the kitty cat instead.

Mama I just don’t want to miss anything, there’s so very much going on. You rock me, hold me, rock me, hush me, you start to hum my favourite song.

A nice warm drink of milk and my eyes they finally close. You must have sneaked right out my room on tippy tippy toes.

I had a dream I could walk Mama and jump and just had to wake up and try. Up I pull myself, tumbling back down on the bed I can’t help but to cry and cry.

You pick me up with a yawn, your silent tear drops on my cheek and your arms feel tired and weak.

I’m sorry Mama, I am. I don’t mean to be a pain even though we’re about to do this again.. and again.

I’m trying my best and I know you are too. We make the greatest team, me and you.

I know you get the worst side of me but this will all pay off, you’ll see. I don’t wanna cuddle all the time like older days but I need you more now Mama in other ways.

So stay close behind me as I figure all these knew things out. You’re the best Mama I could have hoped for, without a doubt.

Written by Ashleigh for her blog, The Mammy Diaries.

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