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The Sleeping Agreement

by The Hairy Father

Normally during this time Megan is the one who is wrestling with the kids to put them to sleep because I’m at work but when I’m off it does kid of go something like this…

So in the time of writing this I am currently going through the stage of kids where they don’t like their own beds so want to be in mummy and daddy’s big comfy bed…

I have done another blog about bed time routines, have a read if you haven’t already…

So our night with the boys is usually full of tantrums, I don’t want too and basically can I have a bedtime story’s 50 times…I quite like the story Fin has so I don’t mind reading that…each parent allocated to that child…Megs takes Jax and I have Fin, I will be honest here I have the better deal…I read him a story then say night buddy then lay back and wait until he is asleep and do the whole get out the room without making too much noise…but on the other hand Megs has Jax which involves milk then just the game of waiting until he falls asleep…in some cases I get a little text from Megs saying “your child asleep?” to my reply is “Yes” then a swift reply back saying “come help me…he doesn’t want to go sleep” so I walk in and Jax is still wide eyed…he lays in the middle of us and then falls asleep in seconds…just my dad touch I think or I bore him a lot…

So perfect they are asleep go downstairs and enjoy adult time…usually snacks and shite TV around 10Pm we head up to bed (what a crazy life we lead ey…) then about 15 seconds of getting into bed and cuddling up to Megs, Jax stirs and cries…so we get up and wang him in bed…(I know, I know I’m too soft) yeah but I like my sleep… so we both go back to sleep and Jax is in the middle (I must tell you we have a super king size bed so fits 3 pillows across…) so apart from the kicking in the back, head and being laid on I don’t care…but then I have a weird dream that I can’t move my legs…so I wake up and find Fin in the bottom half of the bed in the middle…damn it…and again I can’t be bothered and just let him sleep, he is safe and he is comfy why move him…then I realise I’m half way off the bed and so is Megan and they have the biggest section of bed…

I have tried and tried to keep putting him back to bed but always comes in saying daddy cuddles and me in my sleepy state just picks him up and puts him back in bed with us…and to be honest I love having both my babies close and I love having my whole family in bed because I know I can protect them and know where they all are…it’s a dad instinct!!

I know they will one day grow out of it and be in their own beds and I know that it won’t happen much longer so I am enjoying it while it’s lasts. Yes I get up early and yes I don’t get much sleep but I love it because I get to spend time with my boys and even if they are asleep I can still look at them with endearment…

Until next time….

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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