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The Struggle

by Daniel Mountain-Bamling

How strong is the woman in your life?

It could be your daughter, your mother, your wife?

Have you ever noticed her crying,

But you’re not one for prying,

There’s a reason for all of this bitter strife,


The emotional marathon she’s in can be wearing,

Knee deep in water makes it near overbearing,

Yet you pile on more pressure

Never settling for the lesser,

On the inside she’s breaking, near dying,


“But it’s easier being a stay home mum,

She can’t comprehend all of the work that I’ve done”,

The problem is this Neanderthal theory,

Getting mad that she’s teary,

She’s clearly not having much fun,


I mean, did you ever have to give up your identity?

Lose your waistline and your career for an entity?

Her body now a vessel,

for a new life to nestle,

It’s far from the picture book serenity,


Then….. can you actually comprehend giving birth?

Think of the pain and the feelings that unearths, 

Trauma levels exceeding,

Paired with internal bleeding,

It’s all bound to effect her self worth,


Eight hours sleep now a thing of the past, 

Showers of milk is the daily forecast, 

But the “work that you’ve done”,

Is eclipsed like the sun,

When compared to stress she’s amassed,


Hair in a bun with sick on her top,

Walking around with our baby none stop,

Lucky to get a second,

Where she’s not being beckoned,

It’s amazing she’s not already dropped,


Plagued by the thought,  she’s not good enough,

Giving her all, but it’s always so tough,

She needs support in postpartum, 

give her legs strength don’t just part them,

Send her hope when she’s still in the ruff,


I’ve witnessed my wife defy the impossible,

When she digs in deep she’s completely unstoppable , 

But even the strongest need repairing,

The work load  is for sharing,

I’m here to make the damage less probable,


So the next time she’s quiet and subdued,

Or she’s off on her own she’s not trying to be rude,

She’s just taking a rest,

Getting some weight off her chest,

She’s earned this brief interlude,


The women in your life are amazing! 

I think it’s time they get some well deserved praising,

Without my beautiful wife,

My son wouldn’t have this wonderful life, 

It’s a gentleman that she’s been raising.


Written by Daniel Mountain-Bamling


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