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10 Things You Can Get Away With as a Young Toddler

by Paige Loaring

Don’t you wish you could get away with the things that our little people do?

Young toddlers seem to be able to get away with a lot more things, before the real rules of life etc come in. If us adults did these things we would definitely seen as rude or manner-less or just a little bit disgusting but when our offspring do it its seen as rather cute and laughable. Isn’t it funny how ages makes such a difference in life? I’ve come together with TEN things that a young child learning about life can get away with.

O N E – Be naked whenever you want.

T W O – Not having to share their food but will eat yours.

T H R E E – Ignoring and selective hearing.

F O U R – NAPPING anywhere, anytime.

F I V E – Watching the same thing 10000 times.

S I X – Making a mess and not cleaning it up yourself.

S E V E N – Crying over nothing/little things.

E I G H T – Picking their nose wherever they please.

N I N E – Disclaiming they need a poop (or wee).

T E N – Accidentally insulting – “your tummy is squishy” “What’s that on your face”.

What do you think? We could definitely not get away with these things, right?Can you think of anymore things that I haven’t included in this post?


Written by Paige Loaring for her blog, Paige and Little.

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