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by Yvette Embleton

2019 Rainy Day Clothing Inspiration!

As the cooler (and wetter!) months are getting ready to blow away the cobwebs and any remaining moisture from our faces; it’s time to get ready and take on whatever the end of 2019 has to throw at us! Here’s some top rainy day inspiration for dressing your little ones!


We can’t be the only ones who have noticed Autumn tapping at the windows and nibbling at the trees! Whether we like it or not, the rainy seasons will be back with us before we know it. This year we are refusing to let it keep us indoors – until it’s too cold anyway, we aren’t mavericks! We’ve got all your rainy day ‘must haves’ here!


They are the final line of defence between the elements and having to stop everything and head home with cold, soggy toes. We couldn’t get through Autumn and Winter without them – Here are some of our favourites!



Find the Aristocats wellies here*

Find the Toy Story wellies here*

Find the green dino wellies here*

Find the rainbow wellies here*

Find the yellow Barbour wellies here*

Find the Hunter Wellies here*



Puddle Suits

Sure, they might be tricky to get on but my word they are so cute and 100% worth the effort! Aside from wellies, we think they are the ‘must-have’ piece of Autumn-wear for little puddle jumpers! We kind of wish they did grown-up sizes too!




You can find the Pink Dinosaur puddle suit here*

You can find the Green Dinosaur puddle suit here*

You can find the Yellow Ducky puddle suit here*

You can find the Blue Geo print puddle suit here*



Winter Coats

Once September hits – You can’t really go wrong with a winter coat for your little one. We adore all of these and are huge fans of mittens- especially those that are attached!




Find the Peppa Pig Pink Shower Resistant Coat with Mittens here*

Find the Pink Polka Dot Shower Resistant Coat With Mittens here*

Find the Grey Space Print Padded Coat and Mittens here*

Find the Blue Dinosaur Print Coat and Mittens here*

Find the Animal print snowsuit here*

Find the light blue Snowsuit here*



Hats and Scarves, Gloves

A must have! We lose most of our heat through our head and walking with little ones is just no fun for anyone involved when they are cold. Keep them nice and toasty with these gorgeous sets!





Find the grey knitted hat and gloves set here*

Find the lilac Pom-Pom set here*

Find the Monochrome Dino Inca Hat here*

Find the yellow pom-pom hat here*

Find the Rainbow hat and glove set here*

Find the Ochre Embroidered hat and glove set here* 

Find the My Little Pony Ear Muffs here*

Find the Spiderman Hat & Glove Set here*




Umbrellas are perfect for little ones looking to use their new found independence – just make sure they don’t get too close to others. They are ideal for the walk to nursery, especially if your little one is reluctant to put their hood up!


Find the Frog umbrella here*

Find the Avengers umbrella here*

Find the Princess umbrella here*

Find the Paw Patrol umbrella here*


Things to do!

If the weather really is just too awful to venture outdoors – check out our Ultimate Rainy Day Guide for inspiration!


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