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by The Hairy Father

Advice for parents getting married

With all the excitement comes all the vital plans to consider to keep your kids happy, entertained and watched by various family members.

When we got married we did it with two kids and it was stressful, because the people you trust your childcare with will be guests at your wedding and some will be hosts for the day. For ours Megs mum we trusted with the boys because they are calm for her and they love her so it’s easy! Plus my dad was my best man so I couldn’t ask him. On the biggest day of our lives, I’ll be honest, they were the last thing on my mind so we needed it to get sorted and a dedicated childcare team. People may disagree and think you made the wrong choice with who you choose for the childcare but so what they are you kids and your choice. But just make sure that you enjoy YOUR day.

So things to consider…

+ Who will watch them during the day and night of the wedding?
+ What entertainment should you bring?
+ What if they are poorly?
+ What role should I give them?

On the 24th August 2018, Megs and I became husband and wife after 4 years of being together and on our 4 year anniversary. Honestly it was the best day of our life after both my sons being born. It was one of the hardest days of our lives but the most enjoyable day of our life, and we planned all the events in our heads so we had them played out in every situation.

Luckily both the boys weren’t ill for the wedding so that was a massive bonus, Jaxon slept most of the day in the buggy, again a massive bonus, and Fin was good as gold sitting with his cousins Elle and Mia. But when the boys are ill, they go from 0-poorly in hours. But when it come to this you have to sum it up if you think to suffer with the kid being ill, calpol for the few hours, or cancelling a £4k+ wedding. When we entrusted the soon to be mother-in-law with the boys we knew that we could enjoy our day and not worry as much, plus they were going back to our house to sleep because we had a hotel room for the night. We worried about that and how they would be with her but it was fine and they were fine.

During the day after the ceremony we are at the reception and Mia and Finley headed off to play and all dues given to Meg she had all colouring books and activities for the kids in their little treats for the wedding. Overall the boys were amazing during the wedding and the reception and speeches, we were so proud of them. They made it to an incredible time and they were both getting super tired so they headed off around 8pm with the now mother-in-law and we were sad to see them go because it was a special day as a family but now as husband and wife we can enjoy the rest of our wedding and have a few adults beverages.

Written by The Hairy Father.

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