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by Emma Tebbett

Anxiety During a Worrying Time

Anxiety… It can consume you.

Things like the current coronavirus situation were unprecedented and for people like me, it can be absolutely awful for mental health. I’m a nervous wreck at the best of times let alone during such a serious and critical situation. Fortunately, over time I’ve developed some coping mechanisms which I think could benefit others, so I thought I’d share them with you to hopefully ease the burden, even if only a little. They may seem simplistic in a way but they’ve helped me.

Get Perspective

It’s really worrying for so many reasons. A lot of us will lose money, when we have bills to pay. We’ve got a hard few months ahead and the unknown is terrifying. However, try to put things into perspective; if you live somewhere like the UK, we are much more fortunate than others in that we have systems in place that will help us as much as they can, and as numbers of new cases at the source are starting to drop now, an end is in sight. The government have also pledged funding to help us all with bills, so watch this space and listen out for the next announcements.

This isn’t forever, so dig deep. It’ll be over soon.

Follow Formal Guidelines

There is a lot of skepticism from people regarding the advice given – usually people with political bias and who really dislike Boris, fair enough, that is YOUR prerogative – but consider the fact that he is getting HIS guidance from professionals and experts who have brains beyond our wildest dreams. Don’t let your political stance get in the way of listening to advice that is designed to minimise illness and deaths… Please!

Don’t Be Selfish

Think of others and be kind – it can actually be good for anxiety to be kind to other people. It fills you with a feeling of hope and warmth, and reminds you that acts of kindness exist even in a crazy, scary situation – your act of kindness and generosity will inspire more. If you see a vulnerable person alone at the shops, help them. Don’t fight over the last loaf. Don’t hog all the baked beans, soup and loo roll! Don’t go out and potentially spread germs just because you’re bored (unless it’s a wide, open, outdoor space and if you’re medically told to self isolate, STAY AT HOME).

Kindness breeds kindness, and other good feelings, which will help your anxiety in a kind of weird butterfly effect.

Look For Silver Linings EVERYWHERE

Ok, I know this sounds really cliche but it works.

The world has gone a bit bonkers, let’s face it. But whilst there’s less people driving, manufacturing, and generating waste products, we’re giving the planet a wee little break, which is a lovely way to think of things. Our eco system is enjoying a breather from all of our nonsense.

This unprecedented situation is also teaching our leaders new and valuable lessons… The NHS needs more funding. Childcare is vital and needs more funding. We need more protection financially at times like this. This could bring about positive changes in future.

We’re also more unified than ever (unless you’re someone who likes to fight over loo roll in the shops). We’re all looking out for formula for our friends, trying to track down nappies for each other, reaching out to people who are self-isolating, doing mental health check-ins on our friends and family… That is really positive!

It’s a rubbish situation for everyone, with or without anxiety.

But with these little thought processes, we can try to put a dampener on our anxiety, and crack on as much as possible.

See you on the other side!

Written by Emma Tebbett

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