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by GrowingUpWithNature

Autumn Activities

September is here and autumn is upon us once more. With that familiar chill in the air, many families see it as a time to return indoors and ride out the colder months until spring returns.

However, these months are some of the best months to get out exploring nature. Rich colours adorn the trees, leaves crunch under foot and all of the creatures are busy preparing for the winter. Personally, it’s my favourite time of year for adventures! There are so many different activities perfect for autumn, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but these are definitely our favourites!

Leaf Peeping

Leaf peeping is a phrase growing in popularity throughout the UK, but is an age old tradition for many once the leaves start to turn. How many of us enjoy the beauty of autumn walks beneath the trees and marvel at their splendour? This is exactly what leaf peeping is, taking time to admire the trees as they turn from green to orange and carpet the floor.

This is a perfect activity for any age and education style. There are many benefits to simply spending time outside and whilst younger children will revel in the chance to expel some energy, older children can relax and enjoy some peace beneath the autumnal canopy.

Why not explore some of your local area and see how different the trees look? Or perhaps take our autumn nature hunt on an adventure and see what you can find! Nothing beats just spending some time admiring the leaves at this time of year!


Fancy a treasure hunt? Geocaching could be just the answer! For those families who enjoy longer walks and the thrill of treasure hunts, geocaching is a fantastic option. All you need is a GPS or your mobile phone to track down specific locations around the world where “caches” have been left. What can be more fun than taking part in the worlds largest treasure hunt!?

Once you are lucky enough to track down a geocache then make sure to sign the logbook, perhaps swap a treasure for one left by another hunter and then place the geocache back where you found it. Not only is this a great activity for getting little ones outside, but it is a fun activity for the whole family and gives some motivation for those who are less passionate about being outdoors.

Autumn is the perfect time to get out and explore new locations and geocaching is a truly wonderful way to discover new places, it’s a match made in heaven! Be sure to share your finds with us over on Instagram or in our facebook group.

Pumpkin Picking

Few activities say autumn like picking out your favourite pumpkin surrounded by corn fields. There are numerous ‘pick your own pumpkin’ locations around the country, all you have to do is find one and head out with the family. We always love taking the girls to pumpkin patches, climbing hay bales, enjoying corn mazes and of course choosing the biggest pumpkin we can find!

With Halloween just around the corner, pumpkin carving is another perfect way to top off a day on the pumpkin patch! Just make sure younger children are supervised by an adult.

Have An Autumn Picnic

Picnics are not just reserved for summer. Whilst the air is cooler, there is certainly something to be said for having a picnic amongst the falling leaves! We often take a picnic with us on our adventures during autumn, nothing is better than a sitting on a blanket with a hot chocolate to warm you up whilst out on a lovely walk.

Perhaps you can bake some pumpkin pie or other autumn themed foods to make the picnic that extra bit special!

Make A Giant Leaf Pile!

Autumn is symbolised by the falling of leaves, and how better to enjoy their abundance than by creating a giant pile of beautiful golden leaves for your little ones to jump in! Children will love running around collecting leaves and piling them up. For older children you can also incorporate some leaf identification or explain why the leaves fall from the trees every year. Then of course once the pile is big enough, everyone can enjoy jumping into it and throwing the leaves around.

This also makes for some great autumn photos

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