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by Bdblogs

Be Part Of The Village

Two kids. Two wonderful, energetic little beings to keep alive… And not only keep alive, but keep fed, clean and happy.

You know what that involves? It involves appointments, school, nursery, tea time, bath time, packed lunches, washing piles, car seats, play dates, bottles, sterilising, parties, food shopping… The list is endless. But unfortunately, my energy – not so much.

You see, the more I do, the less time I have— skipping meals, hot drinks gone cold, self care goes out the window.

It’s worth it; oh so, so worth it for that “love you” and cuddle. But good God, when a mom says she’s tired, don’t brush it off… Make her a cup of tea, help her do her washing up, offer her a hot meal. Raising kids is hard – and you can’t pour from an empty cup…

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Be part of the village.

Written by Bethany Dempsey at BD Blogs.

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