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Being Given A Bag Of Pre-Loved Baby Clothes Is The Equivalent To The World’s Biggest Hug

by Marie Blake

I peer into the huge bag of clothes and I’m completely blown away

Hurrying to message with thank you, a simple “oh, it’s nothing” you say

Simply brushing it of as if it’s such a small gesture but to me that’s just not the case

See I was taken off guard as my baby grew and he grew, I couldn’t keep up with the pace

Those trousers to short, the t-shirt too tight and the sleep-suits that won’t button up any more

Our pennies low this month, with only a few outfits left, I was embarrassed to step out the door

This is my first rodeo and therefore I completely failed to realise

That the months on the clothes tags is not a given, more like an indefinite size

I thought I was prepared but I clearly was not, as I stare at his drawers now so bare

I want to give him the world but right in this moment can’t even give him enough to wear

Using the last of our money, I buy a few odds and ends although nowhere enough to last

With all the drool and the poop, the sick and the milk, they go through clothes way too fast

Yet here I am, crossed-legged on the floor as I fold and sort through this pile

Cute slogan t-shirts, matching disney sets and even a Where’s Wally hat and sleep-suit

There’s joggers and vests, hoodies and jumpers and dungarees that are way too cute

Organized into piles, I now take my time as I fold up the last outfit

Putting it all away, struggling to squeeze it all in, I can’t help but cry a bit

I breathe a size of relief, now having more than enough, to last until the next growth spurt

And I can’t help but puzzle over why in size 6-9, I only purchased the odd hat and shirt

I guess before he was born, when my bank was still full, these days seemed so far away

But I should have known better, should of planned ahead, they grow up too fast isn’t that what they all say?

I live and I learn, on the job so to speak and I wont make these mistakes next time round

And I’ll be sure to remember the generosity you showed, as you saved me more than a few pound

See I always thought that for some extra cash, I’d sell the things we no longer need

But after your kindness, when we needed it most, I now couldn’t help but just see that as greed

When I could give them away, to a Mama who needs them the most and put her mind at ease

In the chaos of parenting and the money worries on top, raising a child is anything but a breeze

I’ve seen the joy first-hand that one small act can bring, it’s a gift in the right of it’s own

Time stops for no one and as my baby gets bigger, my faith in humanity also has grown

I meant to send you a card or some flowers and chocolates, something more than a simple thank you

But you’ll know how it is, wrapped up in the chaos of the day, it’s hard to find a moment or two

I once heard that being given a bag of pre-loved baby clothes was like getting a hug and it’s true

From the bottom of my heart, just know I am grateful and when he’s older my boy will be too

(Cover image: A huge pile of clothes given by one of the girls at work.)

Written by Marie Blake for her blog, Tummy2Mummy.

Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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