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Contradictions of Parenting

by Joanne Allen

Parenting is a funny old business. I find myself saying one thing one day then totally contradicting myself the next!

One minute I think I have given birth to an angel the next it seems like I am raising a monster!

How can my baby girl have such cute smiles and sweet baby talk then scream the house down two minutes later? How can my adorable boy be snuggled up beside me one minute then have entirely trashed the house the next?

Do you laugh or cry or shout?

When you walk into the kitchen to find your kid making snow angels in the middle of the box of Rice Krispies he has poured over the floor do you laugh or cry or shout? While it is a funny sight I have stop myself from laughing because the second he thinks this is a joke I am doomed to daily Rice Krispie snow angels, a little bit of me wants to cry because I have just vacuumed the floor for the 40th time that day and a bit of me wants to shout but what is thar really going to achieve other than upsetting everyone and waking up the baby. So I choose option number 4- take a photo to show my husband the fun he is missing while at work, sigh then go get the dustpan and brush!

I want to spend every minute hanging out with my kids yet sometimes I am ready to run away!

I have to admit I just love being home with my kids everyday and the thought of my maternity leave ending fills me with dread! Some days, however, when I have 2 mini people shouting at me in unison if I have the audacity to think I can get a break by going to the toilet in peace for 30 seconds I think wistfully about the old days when a holiday involved air travel and wasn’t just the odd solo trip to the shop for milk!

I never have a minute to myself yet parenting can sometimes feel very lonely.

As I have just said I can rarely even manage a trip to the toilet on my own without a toddler, a baby and a dog all making their presence known yet some days being a mum can feel kind of lonely. A trip out normally resembles some kind of military operation so catch ups with friends have to be well organised in advance, then when I finally make it out conversation is limited to two sentences before I have to run off to sort some children related disaster. By the way if any of my friends are reading this even though it may look like I’m not listening to your story while I’m simultaneously trying to wipe puke off one baby and stopping the other child from climbing out the window I promise I hear every word!

I am delighted by each milestone my kids reach yet don’t want them to grow up!

It is so exciting watching our babies grow and learn new things everyday but at the same time I’m also a little bit sad that each new stage means they are getting older! Time flies after bringing a tiny, helpless baby home from hospital and before you know it they are running around creating mayhem everywhere!

All in all parenting can be an emotional rollercoaster which isn’t helped by lack of sleep and in the case of the mums dodgy hormones caused by growing and then extracting little people from their body! However even though these little people can the main cause of a lot of our stresses they are also the main cure for stress with a big cuddle fixing most problems!



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