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by Bdblogs

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, you’re the best Daddy in the whole world, and I just want you to know…

I love when you sit on the floor with me and get out all my toys,
then we playfight and Mommy shouts, “Can you please stop that boys?!’

Daddy, I love when you twirl me round so fast, just like an aeroplane.
You must ignore Mommy when she’s shouting, “You’re sending me insane!”

Daddy, I get so excited to see you at the nursery gate,
I told all my teachers today that “My Daddy is my best mate.”

Daddy, I’m ready to walk with my friends now, and don’t want to hold your hand;
Don’t worry that it’s earlier than you had ever planned.

Daddy, I’m starting to grow up now, and you think that I don’t need you any more.
Don’t worry, Daddy, I’ll always need you…
That’s something I know for sure.

Dad, I’m starting uni, and I’m ready to move away,
I’ll miss you, Dad, more than you realise…
Every single day.

My wedding day is here, Dad; how fast did that go?
I can’t wait to see you beaming right in the front row.

Dear Dad, I know you’re getting on now, but you can still twirl the same.
My son came to me today, asking for the aeroplane.

Don’t worry, Dad, I told him- Grampy does it the best,
My best mate who taught me everything,
Better than all the rest.

Edited by Rebecca wright

Written by Bethany Dempsey at BD Blogs.

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