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by Thecoastalmummy

Donating My Hair To Charity!

I searched for a local hair dresser that could come to the house and decided to cut most of my hair off for charity!

My hair is being donated to the Little Princess Trust. They are a charity that creates wigs for children and young people that have lost their hair due to conditions or cancer.

Near enough anyone can donate hair, it has to be at least 7 inches in length. There are a few reasons why people can’t donate hair; if it is an unnatural colour, dreadlocks or very tightly curled hair. The guidelines of donating  are on the website so check them out if you are thinking of donating your hair.

I donated around 40 cm of my hair and it was so easy. It goes to a fantastic charity and hopefully my hair will now come to good use as a wig. I am also completely in love with my new hair too!

I created a vlog over on my YouTube channel all about donating!

My hair was cut by Pollyanna


Written by Rebecca Fisher for her blog, The Coastal Mummy.

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