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by Rowan

Don't Just Bin It

In the fight against plastic, there are small steps we can all take.

It’s really important that if you have the disposables that you want to stop using, you use them or give them a purpose. Throwing them straight in the bin defeats the point of living a better life with less waste. Don’t just bin it. Give it the purpose it was meant for. I personally have got rid of so much I don’t use and given them to better causes.


On a trip to Cyprus a few years back, I almost filled a suitcase with plastic straws because they were so cheap and pretty. I bought more than I ever needed and looking back on it now, it is shameful that I felt the need to buy such a lot of pointless plastic. The majority were even individually wrapped.. Cringe.

In my lifetime, there was no way I was going to get through these straws, so I tried to find ways to get them used.

My workplace uses straws to build things in team building exercises so I donated a load to them (on the condition that when they have finished the plastic straws, they go to paper!).

Luke’s nursery and a local Messy Play took the rest. They use them for crafts and I’ve even heard they can be used for speech therapy with younger children. Who knew!

Miniature Toiletries

There was a time whenever I or Greg went away and the hotel provided miniature shower gel/shampoo/etc, I would take the lot. In addition, I would also bring my own miniatures. Looking back, it makes me so cross. To buy my own was so expensive and it is just SUCH A WASTE!

The crazy part is, both of us never, ever used them. We had SO many. My plan to not waste them was to start using them. We got through a couple – I honestly thought we weren’t going to have to buy soap for a few months!

A lady at my work volunteers for a homeless charity. The charity cook hot meals and provide showers for those without a home and they are always asking for miniature toiletries. This way, the people can take them away with them and they don’t weigh them down.

It felt good knowing they were going to be used by people that needed them.

Plastic Containers

I am very cautious that buying things for the sake of going “waste free” is a huge cause of the problem. We need to use what we have already. I have slowly started to accumulate the most gorgeous glass ‘Tupperware’ that is oven and freezer proof. These are so practical and last forever.

I have a huge backlog of the plastic containers you get take out in. I make sure I reuse these until they break (which sadly, is not very long..!) and then I recycle them. The curb side recycling in my area doesn’t accept these, but there is a collection in a carpark near me.

The countless little pots I got when Luke was weaning, I donated to the local Messy Play and Luke’s nursery. They will be perfect to store the smaller crafts.

I still have some favourites that are plastic and I will use them until they are no longer functioning.


Written by Rowan for her blog, Funning Up My Life.

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