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by The Hairy Father

Going on my honeymoon without the kids

So you’re probably thinking, do I feel bad that I’m currently in the USA and Bahamas drinking beers, cocktails and eating my body weight in food, and my kids are at home with my mother-in-law and my dad (Grandad), then you’re correct, I don’t feel bad at all.

I miss them yes and I wish they were here to see their auntie Rain and grandad Chris (he is actually their uncle) but got to stick with the name you’re allocated by kids because that is forever on how you will be known us…

We said goodbye to them on the morning we were flying out, it was hard because it’s the first we will leave them, and being so far away we can’t just get onto a plane or car to go help…but the phones are on loud connected to every WiFi spot in every shop and constantly checking what’s app…so off we go driving in the dark to Gatwick airport, we arrive and drop off the car in the meet and greet section…and walk (on crutches) towards the terminal…head towards the No.1 lounge to check in and get some drink and food…after going through the quickest I have ever been through security…walking around the airport waiting for the flight, then going back to the lounge where we watched some of the planes taking off before heading down to the gate, usually they pick the furthest gate away from where you are but this wasn’t actually so only a 47283683 minute walk…

We get settled on the plane at the back and we find out that we are 116 people down on the plane so LOADS of space…time to spread out…the air stewardesses was amazing and couldn’t help me enough…letting them know it was our honeymoon (trying to get to first class, but not going to happen) so we take off, yes, we are on the way, 4,414 miles to go, but in hours that’s 9 and 25 minutes which seems to be the longest in HISTORY

So what seems to be the last hour taking 3, we land in Tampa Bay, get through the hottest customs check and get our suitcases, we know have to get through that to find the pick up section, now we have 2 ways we can go blue or red, and know WiFi to message our pick up…but we did…we have managed to fly all then miles and not really think about the kids, but during the flight the movies did make me think, like the movies they like to watch and that makes them giggle…so they were always on my mind…

We get back to the house where we we staying and let the holiday begin…and now we are on the slow descent to packing and getting to the airport…but we still have another day to enjoy the sunshine and family

…and then we get to go back home and see our beautiful babies…

Until next time…

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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