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by GrowingUpWithNature

How To Enjoy The Colder Weather

With Autumn in full swing and Winter well and truly on the way it can be harder to enjoy the colder months outdoors.

From rainy days to bitter frosts, there are multiple things that can make adventuring a little tougher. However, over the past couple of years we have discovered a few tips and tricks to ensure that your wild ones enjoy their time in nature just as much as in the Spring and Summer.

Wrap Up Warm!

This one goes without saying, but there is nothing that ruins a trip faster than a cold miserable child. So, as all us brits know, even if it seems like a warmer day, still pack enough to dress a snowman! Yes, it may seem like a chore to load a whole set of extra clothes into an already stuffed baby bag, but trust me, you will be thankful when your little ones protest the cold and you’re miles into a walk….

We learnt this lesson many a time in our first winter, thinking that Aria would be warm enough only to find the weather getting colder as we ventured on. One of the main lessons of parenting, is that you can never have enough clothes, and this is definitely the case in winter! Wrap them up like the abominable snowman and you are on to a winner.

Warm Drinks Are A Must Have

With a bitter wind, pouring rain or, if we have been lucky, snow, nothing warms the spirit quite like a hot drink. We always take a large thermos of hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy and it goes down a treat after a fresh winter walk.

For those who aren’t a fan of hot chocolate, why not try a winter spiced apple drink? A personal favourite of mine especially approaching the Christmas season. There are millions of different options available and the kids will be much happier with something warm in their bellies!

For the more adventurous why not try a winter picnic? We absolutely love having picnics all year round, the scenery is stunning and places tend to be a lot quieter when the temperatures are cooler. Just make sure to pack some yummy treats to make it extra special!

Visit New Places!

There is nothing worse than trudging around the same old track in the freezing cold. To make winter treks more appealing why not check out a new location?

In the UK, there are thousands of different nature reserves, parks and woodlands all waiting to be explored. Check out what is available in your local area and make a day of it. Some places will look even better in the Winter and the crowds will have disappeared, making Winter the ideal time to visit some of the more popular sites.

We have chosen to visit Cumbria this year to see the Lake and Peak district mountains in all their glory, hopefully with some snow! Many may think this is an insane idea, and why didn’t we simply go when it was warmer, especially with 3 under 3. But honestly, we prefer the quiet colder months, when we don’t have to battle for space on trails and who doesn’t love seeing the snow on the mountains!?

Winter truly is a wonderful time of year and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Experiencing each season is a perfect way to teach your family all about nature and get them connected on a deeper level. Our girls absolutely love seeing the frost in the morning and of course snuggling up in a blanket when the cold sets in.

Preparation truly is key when it comes to enjoying the colder months! Nature has some amazing treasures for those who look for it in Winter, so even if you only explore in summer, why not try and head out into the cold this year and see what your local area has to offer? It is wonderful to see how the landscape changes from season to season! Don’t forget to share your winter tips and adventures over with us on our Facebook page, it’s great to see what you get up to!

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Written by Amy Kingston.

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